Terms and conditions


A. License, Acknowledgment and Warranties: Whosoever wants to avail services of Easypresswire, can do so after registration. The registered easypresswire member (to be termed as clients). Client submitting the material for distribution to Easypresswire grants permission to Easypresswire to modify, edit, translate, display, distribute, reformat, license, archive and derive it for distribution and marketing purpose under the name of Easypresswire.

Client also acknowledges material shared and submitted with Easypresswire will be accurate and original and it has an authorized license for distribution. It should not contravene in any copyright, trademark or other Intellectual Property Right or other rights of other persons or organizations. The material submitted should not defame and must abide by the law.

Easypresswire will not source any inappropriate copy. In case of any such happening Easypresswire may cancel the membership with the company. Once the account is created on Easypresswire, the membership would be given to the said client. This membership can be ceased by giving notice by any of the parties. 

B. Payment Terms

Clients need to pay in advance with applicable taxes if any contract specifies that payment can be deferred (max 45 days). If the fee is not paid after 45 days, Easypresswire will demand the balance with accrued interest according to applicable laws. Easypresswire may revise the payment with immediate effect, anytime, after giving notice to the company in written. If the client fails to make the payment and applicable interest, the client agrees to pay all related cost of collection including legal fees and applicable cost if any.

C. Indemnity and limitation of liability

The client permits Easypresswire to modify and make changes as required in the given release. If in case any damage occurred to Easypresswire while processing the request of the client, the client will indemnify Easypresswire and its parent company (Netleon Pvt. Ltd.), its authorized partners, members, directors, employees and all other related parties from all liabilities, damages, claims, costs, losses and expenses(including the legal fees and cost).

Easypresswire will not be responsible for any damages whether direct- indirect, consequential, incidental, special or exemplary (even if it is advised for the possible of such damages).

D. Force Majeure

Easypresswire shall not be responsible for any resulting failure or delay to provide services due to the circumstances that are beyond its control such as government acts, wars, strikes, disputes in any case, natural calamities, technical failure, theft or any such thing that is beyond control.

E. Jurisdiction

The agreement will be binding upon to parties, their successors, assigns and legal representatives. The court having original jurisdiction in the city of Jaipur, alone shall have the original jurisdiction, in all matters related to Easypresswire and its services.