FICCI’s Rajasthan WomenPreneur Summit held

Posted On Fri, June 12, 2020, 12:22 PM
Role of Indian women as leaders has grown substantially in the startup ecosystem - Omkar Rai

Jaipur: FICCI Rajasthan State Council in association with Start-up Oasis today organized virtual conference, Rajasthan WomenPreneur Summit. Rajasthan WomenPreneur Summit is an initiative to encourage aspiring women to take up the entrepreneurial journey and develop an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem in the State. The theme for the summit was Post Covid Journey Towards an Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. 

Addressing the summit, Chief Guest, Dr Omkar Rai, Director General, Software Technology Parks of India said that “in the startup ecosystem, the role of Indian women as leaders has grown substantially and the 35 percent contribution by Indian women in the IT sector is also incredible. He also advised that post Covid; Gaming technology, health technology, financial technology and education technology are four sectors that will have great number of opportunities so women should also try and create opportunities to work in these sectors”.

Presenting the keynote address, Ms. Mugdha Sinha, Secretary – Science & Technology Government of Rajasthan said, “Women are expert in multitasking and transition from household work to professional world is comparatively very easy to them. Science and technology including startups are seen to be a male dominated world though the situation on ground has changed a lot. Qualities like multitasking, balancing, team building, conflict resolution etc. are the natural qualities which assist women to do wonders in the field of start-ups.” She urged women entrepreneurs to think beyond achieving success and create legacy.

She shared few examples of successful women in the field of science and technology including business woman and scientist Kiran Mazumdar Shaw for being named EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 and scientist Meenal Bhosle for developing India’s first Covid test kit despite her eight months pregnancy. During her address Mrs. Sinha also shared policies by Govt. of Rajasthan’s Department of Science and Technology which can help women startups.

Motivating the audience, Ms. Namita Gautam, Director, Sheela Group of Companies in her address shared that success does not come overnight and once achieved, it is hard to sustain success. She also talked about the value system for success which includes ‘Having Integrity towards all stakeholders’, ‘Keep Learning, Up-Skilling and Un-Skilling your associates’, ‘Passion for Excellence’, ‘Hardwork’, ‘Proactive approach i.e. to not only look after your competitors but globally as well’, Adapt to changing environment’, ‘Dream Big but Act Small’, ‘Be Socially Responsible’, ‘Empower each other’, ‘Stay fit and stay well’ and finally ‘Do your best and leave the rest to the God.’

Addressing the virtual summit, Ms. Neeta Boochra, Past President, FICCI Ladies Organisation & Chairperson, Silver Centrre & Luxescalp said, “Post Covid, the new success mantra is collaboration & cooperation. We need to adapt and innovate quickly because the techno mobility era has started and now businesses will go from traditional to digital.” According to her, the 6 P's that can drive one to success are Passion, Positivity, Perseverance along with 3 skills viz People skills, Persuasion skills, Prioritization.

Talking about changes in business mindset, Ms. Boochra shared that Covid has taught us that to tackle society’s most problematic issue we need to unleash the leadership qualities of both men and women. In her words, “Superpower is not a prerequisite to success and ambition is not a bad word and should never stop learning. There are no shortcuts on the road to success and therefore we need to have a razor sharp focus on our goals. She also shared the four A's to success are Appreciate, Accept, Adjust and Adapt in this new world.

Welcoming the audience, Dr Ajay Data Chairman, FICCI Rajasthan Sub-committee on Entrepreneurship and Founder & CEO Data Ingenious Global Ltd shared that out of about 65 millions entrepreneurs in India, only 15% are women and in the last 5 years, only 4% funding was put in women based start-ups.  Talking about workforce in startups, Mr. Data shared that about 30% workforces in tech startups are women. According to him, a contactless economy is the future and women are taking advantage of the situation with more and more work from home opportunities.

Presenting the theme address, Mr. Chintan Bakshi, CEO, Start-up Oasis shared about how before 2016 Start-up Oasis focused more on Tech Start-ups and therefore supported less than 6% of women based Start-ups but because of giving attention to Social Impact and Social Entrepreneurship they now have focus on almost 25-26% of startups led by women. He further shared that with programmes like ‘Her and Now’ and ‘Wing’, Start-up Oasis is helping women eventualize early stage women entrepreneurship in states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa.

Talking about gaps in women based start-ups, Mr. Bakshi shared that venture funding in these start-ups is as low as 10% and therefore Angel Networks need to come up to support them. Apart from that, TeamWork and Management, Application of Technology and Financial Discipline are also some of the major gaps in women led Start-ups.

During her panel discussion on “Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Inspiring Future WomenPreneurs”Dr Chhavi Rajawat, Former Sarpanch & Chairperson, Eminent Girls College, Village Soda, Rajasthan mentioned that virtual escape provides an amazing opportunity and that people within India needs to understand that rural India is still a clean canvas where one can begin without really having people to re-learn too much and if that understanding comes through, there is a lot of opportunity.

Talking about various opportunities in Rural India, Dr. Rajawat shared that rural tourism has a lot of scope but we need to promote it with the help of urban students. Similarly, when we talk about building the nation, we can’t just look at urban spaces and developing cities, we have to get rural India to be part of it because that is where the vast majority lives.

Moderating the panel discussion, Ms. Apra Kuchhal, Chairperson, We Care said, “After having experienced the ease and cost savings of phone and online negotiation during the ongoing pandemic, many will be tempted to keep deal-making exclusively online and therefore, if you launch new partnerships through online negotiation, consider meeting in person (when it’s safe to do) to get to know each other better. Then, even as you take advantage of virtual negotiation tools, remember the importance of meeting face to face periodically to discuss how your deal is going and to brainstorm new opportunities for collaboration.” She further shared for people to be ethical, be kind, and be safe and that we as women should try to mentor as many women as possible & help them to sail through these times of crisis.


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