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Posted On Tue, September 08, 2020, 3:26 PM

As one of the engine components manufacturers in India, Cooper has an extensive portfolio as a Cylinder Heads and cylinder blocks manufacturers, flywheels, pistons, anti-polishing rings, crankshafts manufacturers in India, among others. Having said this, the segment contributes to more than 60% of the total revenues for the company. Over 70% of the components used by the company in the manufacture of engines and generators are manufactured here. This ensures that the quality check measures are in place. As a renowned cylinder sleeve manufacturer, Cooper manufactures dry sleeves and wet sleeves that are used by OEMs and automotive engine manufacturing companies across the globe.

As a reputed engine components manufacturer in India, Cooper Corporation supplies a wide range of engine components to suit various needs and application of automotive segment. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and land bank, the company has been investing in the right technology and workforce, comply with environmental norms as well as abide by the principles of integrity and commitment to quality at any given point in time.

Today, the company is among the renowned crankshaft manufacturers in India and is equipped with the casting and other supporting activities for the manufacturing of SG iron crankshafts for both India and International client base for automotive, marine and industrial applications.

Choosing the right components for your industry is about understanding the quality, precision engineering and application. To this end,

Has the necessary infrastructure, adequate land bank in place to accommodate state of the art assembly line and manufacturing units. As a reputed cylinder sleeve manufacturer, the current production capacity is pegged at 2,000 liners that find its application in industrial segment for the manufacture of gensets, marine and other applications where the volumes are high and profit margins are sizeable.

Depending on the application, the raw material differs. The alloys, metallurgy, accuracy of machining other variables are the key determinants in the making of fine engine components. This also attributes to the manufacturing process adopted by the engine components manufacturers in India where precision technology and use of contemporary technology have to be followed.

Application and use of cylinder sleeve

Cylinder sleeves used to bore engines prevent them from boring and therefore restores the bore size of the cylinder during usage. As a reputed cylinder sleeve manufacturer, Cooper Corporation believes that the sleeves/liners form the foundation of an engine, and is often believed to outlive an engine. For Cooper the defect ratio is only 0.1 percent, which is a testimony by itself, to the efforts taken by the company to put quality above everything else. Cylinder liners are used to fit into the cylinder blocks that are used in automotive segment including hybrid vehicles. The ever-growing global demand has led to the company investing in its facility and contemporary technology from time to time.

As one of the reputed cylinder heads and cylinder blocks manufacturers, Cooper foundry comprises of 11 plants with 4 manufacturing units and 1 engine facility. Similarly, as crankshaft manufacturers in India, Cooper supplies critical components of the crankshaft based on the engine requirements that ranges from single to multiple cylinders.

Complying with international and national rules and regulations have always been on the top of the agenda for Cooper. As one of the renowned engine component manufacturers in India, this also ensures that exports are a cinch and consistent order flow from its existing and prospective clients is on. In its efforts to be one of the top cylinder heads and cylinder blocks manufacturer globally, the current capacity is able to meet the growing demand for the products.



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