Beginner’s Guide to SEO Services

Posted On Thu, April 16, 2020, 4:07 PM

In the realm of digitalization that we exist in today, search engine optimization has become more relevant than ever. About one-third of company website traffic comes from organic search which is enough for us to know its importance. It makes up for more traffic than social and paid combined.

If you are working in the field of marketing or thinking about starting your own business it is essential that you have some basic knowledge of SEO. However, it can be very time consuming and might require a lot of practice. With the basics down rest is much easier to learn and you will be off to a good start.

Link building

Without links, it is very difficult for you to reach the top of search results. It is one of the key ranking factors for Google for many years. According to research as the number of links to your site decreases so does your ranking. You can only obtain these links if you have the basics of link building. Links are so important because they build Google’s trust. It helps ensure your authenticity. Here are some methods that can help you get backlinks.

Publish an original case study: Take any research done by your company and publish some original data. It should be something new and interesting that awes other people and makes them share your work on their sites. In case original data is unavailable you can also use an interesting case study.

Testimonials for other companies: People give testimonials all the time, you might have a few on your site too. By giving testimonials for other companies not do you only build friendly terms with them you can also give your website link and name at the end of your testimonial.



Next comes your content. It is probably one of the most crucial aspects of SEO services. It is another factor that lets you get your ranking up. It is important because Google gets to know you are active in posting fresh content and also gets people to visit your website and stay. Good content brings more interaction to your site which acts as an indicator to Google. It makes search engines realize that you are providing quality and useful information. Content works best if you use your keyword carefully. A real estate SEO, for example, would contain the keywords from the real estate industry.

Write longer content: The more the length of your content the more you have a chance to make it deeper and insightful. More content means more knowledge for your visitors. It also gives you space to add more keywords to your content.

Bring Variation to your content: Monotonous content can end up making your readers feel bored. To keep it fun and interesting you need to add variety to your content. You can vary your content from textual to visual in the form of images and videos. Visual content has a greater ability to keep the audience’s interest.

Headlines and Meta Description

These are two things that are most obvious when they show up in your search results. It is the first impression you are going to have on your user. The meta description is important because it becomes the basis of deciding whether a user should click on your link or not. It is the hook that draws them in. It will help improve your click-through rate as more people will be clicking on the link when they see it which in turn will stabilize your ranking on Google.

You also need to make your headline sound catchy so more people read or watch your content. It is best if you keep keywords at the start of the heading which makes it easier for Google to recognize it.

Quality User Experience    

Google keeps track of how users experience your website. A bad experience will lead to a fall in reputation on Google for your website. There are two important things that can make for great user experience. Try to keep your user interface simple and easy to use and the other thing you need to do is have lots of quality and informational content. It is best to keep your design minimal and easy to navigate around.

Mobile SEO

Mobile has a common gadget among most people. It is very important that our website runs smoothly across various mobile platforms. According to Google, almost about 50% of users arrive through mobiles.



You are more likely to achieve your SEO targets if you follow these simple few basics to put your website on the good front. This article may help you realize that you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to begin your SEO journey. The basics are pretty simple if you really want to give SEO optimization a shot.

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