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Posted On Tue, August 10, 2021, 6:42 PM
OJ Solicitors (https://www.oj-solicitors.co.uk) offers legal assistance and services to anyone who requires them.

OJ Solicitors (https://www.oj-solicitors.co.uk) offers legal assistance and services to anyone who requires them. They specialise in handling personal injury claims Glasgow wide. They also offer other legal services such as family law matters, immigration, employment, commercial law matters, and many more. This company offers notarial services which cover certifying copies of a wide range of documents and preparing legal documents, such as affidavits, oaths, declarations, and affirmations.  

OJ Solicitors includes the entirety of personal injury claims ranging from road accidents to fatal injuries. They also offer services to clients who are victims of work-related accidents. In such cases, the employers may be liable for restitution. Accidents in public places are also covered in their wide variety of expertise, as well. Lastly, personal injuries cover the injuries endured by the client during an act of a criminal offence.

OJ Solicitors provides services for personal injury claims and other legal work. One example of this is immigration matters which includes permanent residency, citizenship applications and asylum-seeking. Another example of their services offered is employment matters. They offer legal assistance for unfair dismissal, settlement agreements, discrimination, employment claims before employment tribunals, and employment appeal tribunals. Handling commercial issues is nothing new to this company. They handle cases involving commercial leases, terms and conditions for businesses, and distribution and franchising agreements. Lastly, they deal with driving offences incurred by the driver.

OJ Solicitors is directed by Oana Petre and Ioan Oltean. They are graduates of law school in Romania and Scotland. The directors also have a team of seasoned solicitors covering various fields of law. They also possess a dual qualification in Romania and Scotland, which places high regard for their experiences in their respective fields. The directors specialise in personal injuries, too. Ioan Oltean is trained on the grounds of criminal defence and commercial and contract matters. Together, they established a reputable company with impressive credentials.

The company now offers monthly subscription service plans to small-sized businesses. With this package, the client gets accessible and ongoing legal support for their business monthly. Their plans start at £199, including three telephone or video conference consultations per month, unlimited email and text follow-up, one document or contract review per month, and 20% off for legal matters outside the subscription program. Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.

The company is also versed in the no-win, no-pay policy for personal injury claims. To inquire regarding this policy and other legal services, you may visit their website at https://www.oj-solicitors.co.uk/personal-injury-claims-glasgow.

About OJ Solicitors

OJ Solicitors is a solicitor and notary company directed by Oana Petre and Ioan Oltean. Both directors are experts in the field of personal injury laws. The company offers services to people who are not liable for the personal injuries they suffered. This company caters to personal injury claims and handles a wide variety of cases ranging from immigration matters to notarial services. If you happen to need their services, you may send them a message by filling out their contact form at https://www.oj-solicitors.co.uk. You may also send them an email at contact@oj-solicitors.co.uk or contact them through these numbers: 01415 877 535 and 01415 877 536.

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