Helpyyy's unmatched features will cater to your every need

Posted On Mon, August 24, 2020, 11:07 AM
Will open new employment opportunities in Bhopal User-friendly features of Helpyyy will ensure the safe delivery of every item New employment opportunities for the drivers
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Bhopal: Every other day we come across various technologies that support us in our day to day life. 27-year-old NS Raghuvanshi, born in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, loves to help people who are in need. In this age, where we are adopting various inventions to make our life a little more comfortable, Mr. Raghuvanshi came up with an innovative technology that will help people in their daily needs. He created a unique application, Helpyyy that will help you with your transportation problems with just one click. Helpyyy not only gives you a great user-friendly interface but also helps in keeping your belongings like a purse, mobile, watch safe for you. Furthermore, Helpyyy will open new employment opportunities for drivers.

Helpyyy is equipped with unmatched features

Helpyyy has all types of heavy, non-heavy vehicles available for immediate services. This includes two-wheelers, three-wheelers, loading auto, LCV, MCV, and HCV. Now if you have to book a ride, shift your home or office goods from one place to another, pick up an order from the shop, or want to make safe delivery of your essentials, you can book a ride in just 15 minutes following a simple process. Also, you can live track and book a ride ahead of your schedule.

How does Helpyyy work?

You have to book your rides 10 to 15 minutes in advance. Afterward, you have to fill the information regarding the item you want to pick or drop. Meanwhile, the app will also give you the details of your fare. In case you are booking a ride for someone else, then you have to fill their information. Once the ride is booked, you will get all the necessary details including the driver’s name, contact number, etc. 

Attractive employment opportunities for drivers

There is heavy demand for drivers for bikes, LCV, MCV, HCV, autos, loading autos, and P&M services. In such a situation, Helpyyy, which is going to be launched in September, is not only offering you a good employment service but, you can also ensure your future security in the terms of employment. While other transport service providers usually keep a large share of the daily earnings of drivers to themselves, Helpyyy reserves a large amount for its drivers. Helpyyy gives its drivers 90 percent of each fare which will give them financial security. 

How to be a Helpyyy partner?

It is very easy to earn your livelihood by being a Helpyyy partner. To be a partner, you have to share some important documents like driving license, RC of your vehicle, Insurance, and police verification certificates. You have to click on this link  and fill your details.

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