Rajasthani should get status of second language in Rajasthan

Posted On Mon, January 25, 2021, 4:31 PM
Litterateur Thakur Nahar Singh Jasol interact with LIVE audience in Aakhar

Jaipur: Renowned Rajasthani language litterateur Thakur Nahar Singh Jasol shared his literary journey in “Aakhar” series on Sunday. An initiative by Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with Grassroot Media Foundation, Aakhar aims to promote Rajasthani Language, Arts & Culture. Supported by Shree Cement, the talk-show was held digitally on Aakhar Rajasthan’s Facebook page amid the ongoing pandemic. Rajasthani Writer Girdharadan Ratanu Dasori interacted with him about his journey and creations.

Senior Rajasthani litterateur Thakur Nahar Singh Jasol shared that, Rajasthani language is very sweet and complete in nature and no language can compete with it. Despite Rajasthani and Gujarati being very similar, Gujarati got recognition but Rajasthani language is still struggling for recognition. He also mentioned that nothing in the world comes close to Rajasthani dictionary prepared by Sitaram Lalas and that it is very important to inform the new generation about Rajasthani literature as it will help in preserving our life values.

Addressing the online programme, former Maharaja of Jodhpur, Maharaja Gajsingh mentioned that Rajasthani literature is the power of “Mayyard” language. Knowledge and culture are only due to the language and despite this Rajasthan is lacking the recognition of the language here. Language is the root cause of any culture and safety of language is very important to protect our culture. According to him, Rajasthani should get the status of second language of governance in the state and that around 150 million people speak Rajasthani. Simultaneously, Maharaja Gajsingh also launched Aakhar in Jodhpur. In the end, Shailaja Singh, Convenor of Ehsaas Women, Jodhpur expressed vote of thanks to all participants.

In the previous editions, Rajasthani litterateurs viz Dr. Idan Singh Bhati, Dr. Arvind Singh Aashiya, Ramswaroop Kisaan, Ambika Dutt, Mohan Alok, Kamala Kamlesh, Bhanvar Singh Samour, Dr. Gajadan Charan etc. were the prominent speakers.

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