Open Naukri Career Counselling Session for Graduate Students

Posted On Tue, February 02, 2021, 11:23 AM
Career Guidance for Graduate Student
career counselling

Career counselling can do wonders to the graduates and working professionals. The career counselling is a process to know and understand you and your values. A counsellor will help you to know about the most suitable career choices. Making a career is a lifelong process as you learn and grow as the time passes so career counselling can help you at any time in your career. Career Advice from an experienced counsellor always helps graduate students and working professionals. Career guidance can help graduate students to understand what can be the best career for them. It is normal to face the 22 situations after graduation as students are naïve. A career counsellor can be beneficial to the students when they are to start their career. Considering the dilemma that a graduate faces when he has to choose between a job and further education, Open Naukri has introduced its career counselling. The graduate students can approach us to help them in career planning.

The professional and experienced career counsellors at Open Naukri will help the graduate students understand what will be better for the job or further education. And if its position then what kind of job or what course will be more beneficial. Students can also know the process to apply for the job at Open Naukri. The career counsellors also guide the students in how to enrol in any course after graduation. The professional career counsellors at Open Naukri will not tell or suggest the students pick any course for further education. The counsellors will give you some assessments, and based on the answers you will provide, your values and choice will come out. The whole career counselling process is to tell you about your hidden nature, which has many layers of expectations, influences it.

Students spend approx. Fifteen or more years are studying. It is a long time for them to get influenced by any other. Most of the times, students get affected by their parents and their expectations. The parents look at their child as a flag bearer of their business and legacy. The expectation somewhere kills the students' personality, and all they want to fulfil the dreams of their parents. This is one of the most common issues we find in students during career counselling. After graduation, when the students feel unable to fulfil their parent's expectations, a career counsellor suggests to them what is right for their career. At Open Naukri, the career counsellors guide the students when they get confused about picking the right subjects. An ideal age to get the career counselling services is 12-13 years. It is the time when students are struggling with so many issues related to their growing body. If they get the right career guidance at this age, it will become easy for them to handle study or career-related pressure in the future. But as they say its never too late, the graduate students can also approach Open Naukri for career counselling. Our counsellors are the working professionals who will guide you about the best career and tell the work culture in professional life.

As of 10th and 12th, graduation is another significant mark in a student's life. After clearing the graduation, the students are expected to be mature enough to decide on their career. The life out of school and college is cruel and practical. To get career guidance, the students need a professional who knows everything related to education and different careers. AT Open Naukri we have the career counsellors that can guide you about the further courses and various career options based on students' interest areas. Career counselling after graduation is not to know the best job that will suit the student, but it will also suggest learning about the best career option. If a student wants to go in the Indian Army and it is the only aim he has for his profession, then the career counsellor at Open Naukri will guide him to fulfil his dreams. So if you confused about career after graduation then contact us. Our career counsellors will help you to choose the best course. A wrong decision can spoil your career so take a professional's help before making your mind. The assessments we have at open Naukri are entirely accurate tools, and their prediction success rate is more than 95%. So you can trust our career counselling services.

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