Avoid These Tourist Traps When Traveling Around Kashmir

Posted On Mon, April 26, 2021, 1:56 PM

These days, one can hardly think of any other place in the world than a well-developed tourist destination. Almost all the cities are getting the attention that they deserve these days, through their touristic aspects and other cool stuff. No matter whether you prefer traveling on your own or being taken around by a local expert, it becomes essential to know about the common tourist traps to avoid while traveling around Kashmir. There are many tourist traps all over India specially the northern part of India. Kashmir is no different. There are many things to do and see in Kashmir but there are some places which mostly tourists fall prey to them and suffer a lot.

Do your research

If you can manage to elude the red signs that say “skip the line”, you could be one of the lucky few to actually get into the attraction. Guide books and online reviews are easily manipulated. Make sure to do online research before you go to a tourist spot (of course, you should still be wary of the fake book reviews). Kohinoor Travel Plan is leading Travel agency in Kashmir.

Asking to put your luggage

Although many people are actually genuine folk who are interested in helping. While a lot of the time it’s out of genuine kindness, inevitably someone will become aggressive for a tip. Steer clear of any overly helpful locals, unless you are prepared to pay for their help. Kohinoor Travel Plan is eminent Tour Planner in Kashmir.

Mysterious rental vehicle damage

To avoid paying for any damage you may have caused during your rental period, take photos of every inch of your car before and after you drive away. If it‘s damaged, that plus a photocopy of the registration should see you off the hook.

Carefully review tours before booking

Although there are many benefits of booking online, in this age of internet, it is quite possible that you may be duped by a few fraudulent sites. There are certain things to look out for while booking a tour online like fake itineraries, lofty claims and hidden charges. However, selecting the right website can be challenging. Using a travel website that has been reviewed by other travelers will ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

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