Clever Ideas for Restaurant Uniforms and Why They Are So Important

Posted On Wed, April 08, 2020, 12:58 AM
Importance of Restaurant Uniforms

So you really think you are just a casual restaurant that can thrive without uniforms, right? Studies suggest that customers prefer the restaurants where the staff is appropriately dressed and not in some regular clothes. Every time a customer visits a restaurant or a café, his/her attention goes towards the waiter – obviously for ordering food but also to see if the waiters and the staff are wearing uniforms, look presentable, and appealing to the customers.

The most interesting thing about restaurant uniforms is that they can improve productivity and cooperation among the staff. Uniforms allow your restaurant to be more open and spacious, as it creates a persona among the customers that you truly care about the personality and wellbeing of your crew.

According to research conducted by Northwestern University, customers believe that the waiters should look presentable when they approach the customer. Just like any other office, uniforms should be more comfortable, and well-designed so that the waiters and the staff deal with the customers more confidently.

Many pubs and bars ask their bartenders to wear proper uniforms. In many situations, you will see the bartenders wearing a colored polo shirt tucked in nicely with black pants, a cap, and an apron. Similarly, the bouncers and the security staff wear all-black uniforms, sometimes comprising of dress shirts and pants or polo shirts and pans.

This indicates that not only uniforms create a sound impression for your restaurant, but customers love it too. Which is why today, we will be talking about clever restaurant uniform hacks, and how you can incorporate them in your restaurant.

  1. Customers can locate the staff very easily

How embarrassing it would be for you and for your customers when a random person asks for an extra bottle of beer to another person. You can resolve the problem easily by outfitting your staff in restaurant uniforms so that they stand out and look different from the rest of the crowd.

When your restaurant is packed and loaded with customers, they should easily find the waiters, the staff, and managers so that they can order and pay without any difficulty. The best custom embroidered Waitstaff uniforms are an efficient way to make your guests visible in the eyes of the customers. So grab every opportunity, and buy uniforms that not just connect with your brand ideology, but makes your staff look presentable.


      2.Your guests are more confident than ever

The best part about custom logo restaurant uniforms is that it creates a positive environment for the customers suggesting that your restaurant truly appreciates the wellbeing of your workers. Uniforms are not just some dresses that you can wear to work. They represent an identity that segregates you from your competitors.

That being said, asking your staff to wear clean and properly maintained uniforms suggest that you are serious about your services. There is a common myth about uniforms that they can never look casual, but if you incorporate casual with fashion, you can create your own style of uniforms.

If you wish to know how you bring casualness into your uniforms, consider the following:

Sports Restaurant - This is a place where only sports enthusiasts visit, enjoy watching their favorite sport, and sometimes drink beer all day long. The staff present in a sports-themed restaurant usually wears themed polo shirts with black pants, black shoes, blackcaps, and a color apron.

Normal Pub – This is a regular pub where customers from all interests and age groups visit to have a good time with their family and friends. You will see the staff wearing blue colored polo shirts, aprons, chino pants, loafers, etc.

You might wonder why many businesses choose blue-colored uniforms for their staff? It is mainly because the blue color represents competitiveness and seriousness and suggests that your product and services are far better than the competitors.

Ending Note

Creating a meaningful experience for your customers should be your number one priority. With quality food and drinks, the social representation of your staff plays a key role in improving the reviews of your restaurant.

People enjoy visiting the restaurants that provide a laidback environment. To topple that, if your staff is courteous and wearing uniforms, it is a bonus point.

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