Rajasthani literature will be in a better place with recognition of Rajasthani language - Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vyas

Posted On Tue, October 06, 2020, 3:13 PM

Jaipur : Renowned Rajasthani writer Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vyas shared his literary journey in “Aakhar” series on Sunday. An initiative by Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with Grassroot Media Foundation, Aakhar aims to promote Rajasthani Language, Arts & Culture. Supported by Shree Cement, the talk-show was held digitally on Aakhar Rajasthan’s Facebook page. Amid the ongoing pandemic, Aakhar series is being held virtually. Rajasthani writer and poet Chetan Audichya interacted with Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vyas about his creations and journey.

Sharing the beginning of his writing journey, Dr. Rajesh Vyas said that he was inclined towards reading since childhood which eventually led him into writing and therefore getting his creations published in newspapers and magazines at the mere age of 9-10 years. This is where he understood that even writing can also be made a medium of livelihood.

According to him, any genre of writing such as story, satire or poetry chooses the author himself and the writer never chooses his writing style. He also shared that there is a flood of young writers in this era of social media and because writing poetry looks like an easy task, everyone these days chooses poetry as their medium of writing and expression. But if understood properly, the most difficult writing mode is to write poetry.

Talking about criticism faced by Rajasthani language, Dr. Vyas said that there is so much power in Rajasthani language that an entire work of criticism can be prepared in one book. According to him, people have a mindset that writing is very easy but in reality, writing is the most difficult task and for him Rajasthani language has been very helpful in his Hindi writings.

When asked about giving recognition to Rajasthani language, Dr. Vyas shared that Rajasthani language not getting State recognition is a big loss for all of us. If a language is to be destroyed, it can be done by not giving it the State recognition it deserves. There is such a huge literature of Rajasthani language that it should get State recognition and that Rajasthani literature will be in a better place with the recognition of Rajasthani language.

During the virtual event, Dr. Vyas also narrated his poems for the LIVE audience.

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