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Posted On Mon, November 07, 2022, 12:20 PM
Fundability Heatmap: Check your chances to raise capital for your Start Up!

YE Stack Venture Studio has launched a mission named “Start up Fundability” at the HS.X Entrepreneurship Conclave organised by Headstart Foundation at Bangalore. While elaborating on the Fundability Heatmap, the Studio has announced its mission to create a tool that can act like a compass to help early stage start ups to check whether their idea or start up is fundable. The mission aims to create a “Fundability Heatmap“ for the early stage start up ecosystem in the country to support aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to build scalable start ups. 

Startup founders typically find it difficult to understand their startups' potential to raise capital. Their estimation is based on intuition and hope. Here is where the role of a Fundability Heatmap that can help estimate the fundability of the startup through answering some basic questions. The model is collectively built by a team of financial analysts, VCs and founders.

Through the Fundability Heatmap, YE Stack aims to create multiple lenses that matter, through which potential investors would assess a start up before deciding on providing early stage capital to the start up. It aims to create this “Fundability HeatMap” through a large collaborative exercise amongst the Investor & Founder community spread all over the country. 

With this HeatMap, YE Stack aims to give clarity to aspiring young entrepreneurs to set the correct direction in their start up journey right from the beginning.

YE Stack is a Venture Studio founded by Arun Antony; an XLRI alumni who has worked with global technology companies in India & across Europe such as  IBM, Cognizant, GMAC. He is an entrepreneur and an angel investor. Arun brought in a team of directors, advisors and mentors to lead the YE Stack Venture Studio. The Studio helps founders of early stage start ups to build their capabilities with its product Stacks like Founder Stack, Fundability Stack & Function Stack to move smarter and faster in their start up journey.

YE Stack is actively seeking collaborations with start up community all across the country to join hands in this mission to support early stage entrepreneurs.

Arun can be reached on twitter @arunyestack /

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