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Posted On Thu, May 13, 2021, 3:02 AM
Registrations Open for Voice of World Online Singing Competition in Hindi & Telugu.


The aspiring singers from across the world can participate in this Voice of World Online singing contest, initially which is going to be held in Hindi & Telugu languages. Channel 5 along with Doha Music Lovers Group is going to organise this online event.  Channel 5 has been devoted to music for several years and has initiated activities to promote public interaction via the online singing competition. This talent hunt will allow many aspiring singers to take part and give their burgeoning careers a much-needed boost. 

Speaking on the occasion Syed Rafi the Founder & Director of Channel 5 & Doha Music Lovers Group said that this is one of the best   platform for the budding singers to showcase their talent to the world.   The last date to register & submit the videos in this contest is 6th June 2021 and there after the auditions will start on 12th June 2021 onwards.  The auditions will be telecast on Channel 5 social media platforms.  He further said to make the process simple for the participants we have come out with a website www.voiceofworld.co.in  where the participants can upload their singing video after registering themselves. He shared that this online audition process could be the first step for them to make their dreams come true. There will be prize money of Indian Rupees 1 Lakh to the winners, followed by a chance to work in a Musical Video Album which will be produced by Channel 5 & M. Paul Records.

In total 30 singers will be shortlisted from the auditions and they will indulge in the ultimate battle to win the title of Channel 5 Voice of World 2021. The contestants  will be chosen by our esteem judges panel and through public voting.

Dana World Contracting Company Director Gadde Srinivas said, ‘World needs more platforms like Voice of World in all the languages  to make way for aspirational singers to show their talent to the world. Providing the right platform is extremely important in promoting artists and their art and I feel privileged to be a part of the legacy.

Telangana Food Suncons Managing Director Praveen Kumar Buyyani said, “This is one of the best platforms considering the present scenario of Covid-19, where the participants need not have to leave their home and they can participate with ease from the comfort of their homes in this online singing contest. M.Paul Records Mohinder Jalandhary said, “that we are excited to see and celebrate worlds immensely gifted singers and showcase them to our millions of listeners.”

Jawed Bajwa a singer from Pakistan said, that he feels that the pandemic and its restrictions cannot be downer soon, so thanks to Voice of World for coming out with such an initiative of online contest, which is one of the best way of keeping the artist occupied, and it also motivates them to perform better.

Arif the music maestro in Doha said, that it’s an honor to be part of such a big intiative by Syed Rafi and he said that he expects this to be one of the best online singing contest which people will remember and appreciate.

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