These kids make electronic toys from scratch No more expensive mall visits

Posted On Wed, July 14, 2021, 4:37 PM

Coding is set to become a crucial and inevitable skill for the future. Give your kids the gift of learning all subjects in one DIY electronic kit like Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math. California-based Microduino is a leading developer, manufacturer, and seller of educational toys for kids.

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Let your kids acquire the experience of learning how to work with programming resources and kits. You can order a product suited to your kid’s age at a price range of $80 to $200. 

Why do kids need to learn to code when they are as young as five years of age? Microduino explains that coding is a way of empowering your child with the ability to creatively solving problems.

For instance, the company’s intuitive DIY modules will enable a child to build weather station kits, smart cars, drones, and so on. “Some of our customers have found our products to be money-savers. Their kids can construct wireless toys from scratch. As a result, they don’t demand expensive purchases at the mall.”

The faster you engage your kid with the works of a DIY electronic kit, the sooner they’ll develop the skills for critical thinking and problem-solving.

Microduino offers product modules that get more complex as the child progresses with subsequent projects. All modules allow your kids to construct workable devices. The modules are compatible with magnetic LEGO® pieces that leave maximum room for creativity. 

So, get your kids into coding with more than 100 modules, sensors, and actuators.

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Launched in 2012, Microduino is a global award-winning designer, developer, manufacturer, and seller of electronic building blocks. They use the STEM learning system to help kids develop innovative products from scratch. They have developed products such as Itty Bitty City, mCookies, mPie, and more.


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