Why Intranet is the most effective tool for internal communication

Posted On Wed, November 18, 2020, 8:33 PM

Today the effective work of organization is impossible without correctly established internal communication. And it's not only about the functioning of internal processes, but also about the spread of information, motivation, and employee involvement. After all, it is the employees who will be the first to form a positive or negative opinion and will take these feelings outside the organization.

However, it is not enough to have only good wishes or beautiful advertising posters to make employees feel properly informed about the internal life of the organization. Effective tools for communication are also needed to ensure internal communication.

Many organizations apply various channels to the consolidation of internal communication, including internal page (intranet), internal social networks (relevant if employees can only be reached via mobile phone), internal newsletters, or regular meetings.

However, the intranet remains the main communication tool, especially in larger organizations. This fact is proved by the results of the survey of Lithuanian communication specialists conducted by Publicas, which develops software solutions for communication specialists. More than 84% of communication professionals said they use the intranet for internal communication, over 30% of organizations use their own developed software solutions, and 41% of third-party software solutions.

About 60% of those surveyed highlighted the importance of functionality when choosing an intranet solution. However, this is a no less important factor, almost 25% stressed that when choosing an intranet, they considered the possibility of posting internal news or the attractiveness of the design.

Particular attention should be paid to the latter indicator as the intranet is also an important form of presentation. An intranet, like a corporate page, is a business card of a company. If it's unobtrusive, outdated, or has an inflexible content management system, it's natural that traffic will be minimal, and employees will complain more than enjoying this tool. The intranet should also look modern, “lively” and attract employees to a more active interest in the internal life of the organization.

The trouble with many organizations is that they often try to put such a page on old systems that are simply unsuitable for it, instead of creating a separate intranet. However, to make an intranet more efficient, it is not enough to have a working system alone or to put an inconvenient content management system on a cumbersome database.

It's a tool that helps you spread information more easily and quickly, especially if your intranet is set up as a homepage. Because reluctantly, the employee will be forced to open it and see the latest information accordingly.

It has to be a kind of gateway to the organization. Modern, adapted for live communication, the essence of which is more news about the life of the organization. At the same time, the intranet must-have functionality that allows each employee to find the essential information related to the company: document forms, internal procedures, information for newcomers.

And there is no reason to create a single cumbersome information and document management system that includes internal databases or CRM, the administration and support of which would subsequently require significant costs. The intranet should not be overloaded with various functions that will be rarely used in the future. It should simply reach out to them while retaining its original function of distributing internal news.

Germanas Kavalskis, Business Development Manager at Publicas

Publicas is a new brand of software solutions developer that specialises in the creation of software solutions for professionals in Public Relations and Communications. Publicas belong to IT company Getweb, based in Lithuania and the United Kingdom. The company specialises in delivering high-quality IT projects across numerous areas as well as do research in the field of IT since 2008.

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