275 Indian National evacuated from Iran reach Army Wellness Facility

Posted On Mon, March 30, 2020, 11:00 AM

Jodhpur: A fresh batch of 275 evacuees from Iran arrived this morning at the Army Wellness Facility at Jodhpur. 
As per the procedure,  preliminary screening of the evacuees upon arrival was conducted at Jodhpur airport by the Medical teams from Civil Administration and Army. Thereafter, they were moved to the Army Wellness Facility at Jodhpur . 
The Army authorities as part of Op Namaste, have created Army Wellness Facilities  which comprises of all amenities and are fully geared up to accommodate all the evacuees and provide them with requisite medical and administrative support during their quarantine period.                   
The earlier batch of 277 evacuees who had arrived at Jodhpur on 25th March have  settled down comfortably and are being regularly monitored by the army medical teams.

Contact Information:
Col. Sombit Ghosh

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