Public Media Solution Aims At Supporting Startups Through Seed Funding Services In India

Posted On Tue, February 09, 2021, 4:33 PM
An intention to encourage and assist startups to find their footing in the respective industries

Noted digital marketing and PR agency, Public Media Solution announced the launch of extensive seed funding services for Indian startups. Through this initiative, the company aims at making it possible for young and naïve entrepreneurs to set up their dream ventures establish themselves in the market.

Ravinder Bharti, the founder, and CEO of Public Media Solution aims at extending a helping hand toward small businesses after the misfortune of COVID-10. In 2020, as people had to stay indoors for almost a year, the demand in every industry went for a steep downfall. This affected thousands of small businesses across the country, leading to many doors getting closed.

Looking at this situation, the seed funding services of Public Media Solution are designed to empower small businesses in the country and help them overcome all financial hurdles before the big launch.

As the pandemic is easing down in the country, Ravinder feels that things will change for the better. He says, “Small businesses were among the worst affected lot in the pandemic. With limited resources, reduced demand, and dwindling productivity, every small business that suffered a setback in 2020 deserves a chance to reinvent itself.

Now that the scenario is getting better with time, we look forward to providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the confidence and passion that was lost during the previous year.”

The seed funding services of Public Media Solution will revolve around helping startups secure the right amount of funding to go on floors. Here, the focus is on helping a startup that has reached a stage where all the ideation is done, the initial investment is made, and the entrepreneur(s) is looking to officially start with the business processes.

Apart from providing startups with financial assistance, the seed funding services of Public Media Solution involve guiding the entrepreneurs in making the right decisions. The financial and corporate experts provide sustainable and end-to-end support to the new and growing businesses, helping them head in the right direction.

Through the seed funding services, Public Media Solution intends to take a small step towards changing the startup culture in India and solving the problems prevailing around the same.

Addressing this issue, Ravinder says, “The biggest problem in the country regarding startups is the fact that upcoming entrepreneurs lack suitable guidance and sense of direction. India is full of innovative ideas that are ready to be manifested into successful ventures. The problem arises when a mind full of ideas is clueless as to what to do with them.”

Keeping this in mind, Public Media Solution has put an effort to help upcoming entrepreneurs in taking their visionary ideas forward through the seed funding services.

Through these services, Public Media Solution aims at focusing on the following key areas pertaining to startups:

Business Analysis

A team of dedicated corporate experts analyzes the startup and its scope to provide holistic advice to the entrepreneurs about their new venture. Right from the core business idea to the organizational goals to be achieved, the experts provide thorough business analysis to the clients from an objective perspective.

Market Analysis

Before going ahead with the seed funding, the analysts at Public Media Solution helps entrepreneurs in making sense of the market they are about to enter. The company aims at helping clients be well-versed with the customers they will be dealing with, the level of demand they are likely to experience, and the scope they have for growth.

Competitor Analysis

Owing to the intense competition in almost every sector of every industry, the experts at Public Media Solution conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s potential competitors in the market, especially the big and successful players. This helps the entrepreneurs in understanding the tricks of the trade, the strategies to inculcate, and the mistakes to avoid.

Agriculture Startup Funding In India

India is an agrarian economy with a large chunk of the population dependent on agriculture. Although a majority of agriculture startups are funded and managed by the Government, the scope for innovative ventures empowering the agricultural sector is huge.

Considering this, Public Media Solution extends its seed funding services to the agricultural sector. With an aim to make the nation prosperous and giving rightful opportunities in the hands of the people who deserve it, the agricultural startup funding services are designed to set up independent ventures that work for the greater good.

Support To The PM’s Startup India Initiative

As the honorable Prime Minister of India has been envisioning a sustainable growth of robust startups across the board, Public Media Solution intends to lend full support to the noble cause of making India self-reliant.

The seed funding services are in line with the objectives and aims of Startup India, helping every visionary Indian entrepreneur set up businesses that give them the traction they deserve and serve as a feather in the cap of the Indian economy.

Overall, Public Media Solution aims to provide all possible support to the entrepreneurs looking for a platform for their ideas and wanting to make it big in the market by setting up businesses they have always wanted dreamt of.

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Public Media Solution

Public Media Solution is a digital marketing and PR agency based in Pune. It has been providing an array of services to its clients with scalable results, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), content writing services, public relations, advertising services, enterprise SEO, web development, and many more.

Stepping out of the realm of digital marketing, Public Media Solution has ventured into offering extensive Corporate Services, including seed funding, ROC services, business advisory services, valuation services, ISO certification, accounting and tax services, and many more.

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