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Posted On Fri, October 09, 2020, 3:09 PM
Kohler India cross 15Million Video Views through Colours by Kohler India Campaign

KOHLER, the global lifestyle brand, enters the third year of the Colours by KOHLER campaign, through a campaign featuring brand ambassador Twinkle Khanna. 

With homes becoming the new sanctuary, bathrooms are relevant than ever before. For decades, white and chrome have been synonymous with bathrooms, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Colours by Kohler, this year will inspire you to rediscover the designer in you and help you introduce Colours to your mundane bath spaces to create a peaceful, lively experience zone within your personal sanctuary for the much needed escapism, amidst the epidemic. 

With the festive and wedding season just around the corner, several architects and designers have suggested that their clients are looking for solutions which add colour to their bathrooms and lifeand are looking for bathroom designs which reflect their true personality. Each colour of the Colours by Kohler range has an idiosyncratic personality and it enables you to express it through different colour schemes. Whether you like bold and vibrant colour themes such as peacock, warm and soft tones as Truffle or an ageless and serene colour like Thunder Grey, the colours by Kohler range enable you to personalize bath spaces and reflect a unique style. What makes the range unique from a designer’s perspective is that these colours fit perfectly with any traditional, contemporary and transformational design style.

Delighted to present the third edition of Colours by Kohler, Twinkle Khanna, Brand Twinkle Khanna, Brand Ambassador at Kohler said, “Colours play a very important role in our everyday life, especially when it comes to home décor such as your bath space. Shades of colours are a quick and easy way to enhance the space and keeping it warm and inviting. It is only now that we are realising how important a bathroom is, it is almost like a sacred space because it is the only place you are alone. With this exquisite range of colours infusing new character to bath spaces, bathrooms will never be white or boring again. Colours by Kohler India Palette has mesmerising hues from the collection that ranges from Peacock, Thunder Grey, Truffle and is a bright and optimistic addition to escape in your personal reserve.”

Ar. Amit Gehlot, ASA Design, Jaipur added, “White and Chrome is Boring. I love the concept of colours in Bathrooms because In Kandinsky’s words “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. Using a splash of colours in the bathroom makes for a happy space and if that choice is available in sanitaryware and faucets, it’s all the better.”.

a. Peacock – If you are someone who likes to play it bold and want to make an instant statement, then peacock is the colour for you. The peacock vessel brings forth the drama and delight through the hues inspired by our national bird. The peacock vessel paired with rose gold faucets, porcelain tiles in bright vibrant colours and shapes can make your dull bathroom a dream bathroom. 

b. Truffle is like the Golden Oasis that warms your mood and adds serenity and calmness to your bathroom. Inspired by the desert and its luxurious dunes, Truffle exudes a soft, silken, and calm look. It compliments grey and wood undertones and when paired with brushed bronze faucets with natural material tiles using rattan, bamboo, cane motifs etc, it can transform your bathroom into your own personal retreat. 

c. Thunder Grey is an ageless colour tone from Colours by Kohler. It is a perfect balance between modern and classic. Thunder grey vessel with french gold faucet set against a concrete wall accentuates the bathroom with its sheer elegance and adds a touch of unique personality.

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