“Jordan Aerospace 720 Paris 3D-printed Shoe Added to the Prosoccer Store Shoes’ Collection”

Posted On Wed, January 19, 2022, 9:34 PM
The Jordan Aerospace 720 Paris 3D-printed shoe, built with aerospace technology and mixed with current style and absolute comfort, was launched by the team of Nike footwear inventors and now added to the collection of Prosoccer store.

3D-printed technology, fashion, eco-friendly materials, and comfort are all flawlessly combined in Me Next. The first 3D-printed shoe inspired by aircraft technology is now available on https://prosoccerstore.co/

For high-performance everyday use, Nike ideally blends a breakthrough buffer construction with shock absorption, rebound, and under-foot ventilation. For the first time in footwear, a specific gradient sandwich structure, a technology utilised in aerospace, has been incorporated to the midsole design.

This design provides the best buffer performance and shock absorption capabilities when compared to solid structures or non-gradient sandwich structures of the same weight and material.

The gradient sandwich construction is made up of three layers: a bottom layer that absorbs energy from the ground, a middle layer that stores and transmits energy, and a top layer that returns more energy when force is applied to effectively alleviate weariness caused by long-distance walking.

The midsole buffer structure is printed with SLS high-precision 3D printing technique in a N2 (nitrogen) environment using micron-sized TPU powder as the raw material. The midsole has over 762 cushioning units to support the feet's pressure points, and the 3D printed design allows for free ventilation and breathability in all directions to assist eliminate moisture and avoid sweat and smells.

The Jordan Aerospace 720 Paris 3D-printed shoe, created using aerospace technology, is now available with special prices and incentives for early adopters only on Prosoccer Store.

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