Miami Beach Private Residence Interior Design by MS2 Design Studio

Posted On Mon, October 05, 2020, 4:24 PM
MS2 Design Studio is proud to announce that they completed the “Miami Beach Private Residence” interior design in Miami for their client.

MS2 Design Studio is proud to have completed the “Miami Beach Private Residence” a single-family home interior design in Miami, FL. The interior design of this 10,000 Sq Ft home, shows effortless comfort and luxury. 

Inspired from the everyday style of the Miami lifestyle, the MS2 Design Studio team developed a beautiful home with natural designs and finishes where natural stones and woods are mixed against a clean, creamy background. The balanced combination of modern lighting, cozy wooden flooring, wall specifics, and roof designs were all chosen and designed by MS2 Design Studio to get both unique and luxurious.

Modern meets the Mediterranean on Miami Beach. “The decor blends perfectly with the beach spirit and the overall experience,” builder Oscar Barbara notes. “it is sophisticated and elegant, yet very comfortable and homey.” Designer Michael Scigliano sourced the oversized dining table from furniture designer Jeffrey Greene. Greene found rare, 16-foot slabs of Black Walnut in a mill in the Pennsylvania Amish farm country. The bases were individually cast from a model that Greene sculpted in his studio. The entire tablescape is from Christofle. The porcelain and stemware, are from the Albi Collection. The flatware is from the Commodore Collection in Christofle Silver Plate. And the centerpieces are Gio Ponti Design for Christofle. Windows and doors throughout are Marvin, through Window Classics.

High ceilings and extra-large overhead molding provide the home a feeling of grandeur. The Miami Beach Private Residence ( also features remarkable and modern lighting fixtures in warm tones of brass and bronze. Other luxurious products can be located throughout such as natural marble, detailed mosaics tiles, and specialty wood. The design detailing performs a major role in the refined feeling of style and closeness of this beautiful Miami home.

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