Finally, The Fonenana School Project in Madagascar is Confirmed by Paul McCarthy Cork

Posted On Sun, January 31, 2021, 2:36 PM
Fonenana School Project in Madagascar

Paul McCarthy Cork mentioned the Madagascar school project about a year ago. As the most people got upset due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all over the world, Paul McCarthy was following his promise because he believes “An expression of interest or even a promise can be nice, but it’s not until someone follows through that you know what they’re made of”.

Paul McCarthy Cork and his team at Adsum did the exact. In an interview, Pau said “In Fonenana, the parents, the kids, and the teachers want an education but due to lack of space, Fonenana primary school has two daily sessions. So, the education experience in Fonenana deserved a well-deserved upgrade.”

On moving forward, Paul McCarthy Cork confirmed that the project will be managed by Adsum and shared some details of the project as below:

Objectives of the project

  • Development of 3 classrooms that are bright, welcoming, light, airy, and dry for a good learning experience.
  • Arranging the furniture from local shops to furnish the classrooms.
  • Building a washroom block for boys’ urinals.
  • Contribution to the elimination of poverty.
  • Build a healthy study environment
  • Motivate the teachers to provide the best education.

Paul McCarthy Cork said the project is beneficial for 473 pupils aged 4 – 15 that is a subject of pride and peace.

What headteacher said?

“The reason for my request is that I want to give the same opportunities to all children. Those who come in the afternoon have a greater chance of failing their exam as they are only taught for 25 hours a week instead of the standard 27 1/2, and even less during the rainy season when classes have to be suspended so the children can return home safely.”

Deputy head teacher’s quote

“We have 10 classes including the preschool. Most children prefer to come in the morning. It is unfair not to give all children the same opportunity. But in present circumstances, due to lack of capacity, we have no choice.

This community has shown its willingness to educate its children. Their full cooperation and participation are assured.”

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Paul McCarthy Cork

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