Social Organisation & Helmet Association applauds Rajasthan Govt for providing free helmet with Two Wheeler

Posted On Thu, March 05, 2020, 6:00 PM

Jaipur: Rajasthan Govt. is all set to promote road safety especially through implementing the rule to provide Free Helmet with the purchase of two-wheelers starting from 1, April, 2020. TRAX, welcomes the initiative taken by Rajasthan Government, as it would promote road safety and at the same time make people aware about importance of helmets say while riding two-wheelers.

These helmets would be distributed on every purchase of scooters and two-wheelers by the dealers across state.

As per, latest available data, Rajasthan has been ranked fifth in the country, because of number of deaths due to road accidents in year 2018. A report released by the ministry of road transport and highways revealed that Rajasthan had share of 4.8% in total accidents in the country, in which 10,510 people lost their lives.

Rajni Gandhi, member of TRAX sees road safety as a human right issue, she says that our market is flooded with sub-standard products and it is unaffordable for us to risks lives of our consumers, Hence, we are in complete support of the decision taken by the authorities providing free helmets facilities to the two-wheelers.

Road traffic accidents is a very crucial and at the same time a sensitive issue. In a survey, it is recorded that street injuries kill greater people than any other hazard, one fatal road accident happens in India at every single minute and 16-17 people die on roads every hour. Another past data gives idea that 1214 average crashes occur every day in India in which two wheelers account more than 25% of road crash deaths.

This move is to create a safe environment amongst the people and will increase the strength of the country. One should aim at making India a super power”, says Mr Rajeev Kapur, Two Wheeler Manufacture association”

The number of people getting killed while driving two-wheelers without helmet is extremely high and is a big matter of concern for the government. Jaipur district has been recorded the maximum road accidents.

The motive & the major concern for the Association, is the road safety. The aim is to decrease the injuries & death which happen due to road accidents. The lives of the people who ride two wheelers can only be saved when we make the use of helmet mandatory

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