Savic's Digital Transformation in Marketing

Posted On Wed, November 18, 2020, 9:58 AM

SAVIC Technologies, global IT & ERP Consulting Company has taken marketing to the next level with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. This modern technology solution enables marketers to successfully engage with today’s customers with individualized offerings. When it comes to marketing, going digital has had massive consequences. So, there’s no doubt that this digital technology can play a powerful role as a marketing tool.

Mahesh Kadam, Chief Marketing Officer at SAVIC Technologies, who is a Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University and also a Bachelore of Fine Arts from L S raheja School of Arts said, “SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is a revolutionary initiative by SAVIC Technologies and I am proud to be a part of it. It will change the way marketing works.”

Let us take a brief understanding of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud :

The SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud would help organizations and marketers, understand their customers inside-out and could anticipate their next step. This would lead to effective decisions in driving demand and improving sales. Nurturing contact base, hand-off qualified leads, and monitor success to drive close collaboration between marketing and sales. Marketers can understand and drive marketing activities based upon performance and ROI. 

The Key features include :

  • Consumer and customer profiling 

  • Segmentation and campaign execution

  • Commerce marketing

  • Marketing analytics

  • Marketing resource management

  • Marketing lead management

  • Loyalty management

Marketers should not only rethink the strategy but also the whole marketing model and this tool will definitely lead them in the right direction. That is, instead of planning to lead a general consumer through the buying funnel, marketers should now devise a strategy which aims to observe the behaviour of individuals through their unique customer journeys and react accordingly.

This shift from traditional marketing tools to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud will help in various ways such as : 

  • Real-time, Predictive, Customer and Consumer Profiling

  • Highly Performing Visualization and Exploration Tools

  • Intuitive Campaign Management Tools

  • Support For Seamless Collaboration across Function

  • Efficient Marketing Resource Management Capabilities

  • Modern Data Integration Tools

  • Omni-channel Execution And Seamless Customer Journeys Across All

  • Powerful Marketing Lead Management Capabilities

Marketers implementing digital transformation, should take small steps toward the larger goal. They should embrace more agile marketing which delivers changes in small chunks with condensed timelines. Digital transformation can potentially affect a huge spectrum of business operational and marketing activities.

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