Our Aim is to Spread Franchise Universal name around the world in every Franchise Seekers Mind

Posted On Tue, January 12, 2021, 6:17 PM
The Founder of Franchise Industry Private Limited (Franchise Universal) speaks about their startup journey in Covid-19 Period and their working procedures.

Throughout the Covid 19 period, Franchise Universal has given business to many F&B brands and created a remarkable image in Indian Franchise Market. As the company incepted in 2020 they thought that this is the right time to grow. As we know F&B Market was totally thrashed in Covid 19 period, Franchise Universal came up with different marketing strategy to attract the Investors/Entrepreneur. Brands like Belgian Waffle Co, Froozo, Cake & Bake, Brownie Point, Waffle Hut, Karims, Stop my Starwation etc. are  some of the brands where Franchise Universal work closely and given them success during Covid period. Today we are going to speak with Mr. Rahul Barnwal founder and CEO of Franchise Industry Pvt Ltd (Franchise Universal) to know the F&B Franchise Market.

Q) Since Franchise Universal was new in the market, what strategy you have decided and criteria to select brand in Covid 19 Period?

A) We both belongs from Franchise & Marketing Industry. So we understand the Franchise market and human mentality very well. As we can’t disclosure our strategy but yes we have work on Entrepreneur interest so accordingly we started selecting brands and match their interest with minimum Investment.

Q) What type of Franchises and Models you have open in Covid 19 period?

A) We worked on F&B Brands and setup 3 Master Franchises in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and 18 to 20 Single Unit Franchises in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Gurgaon etc.

Q) Would you like to tell us some of your Big F&B brands to whom you work?

A) Sure, We have given Success to many F&B Brands like Kake Di Hatti which is one of the Iconic brand in India, then Karim the another iconic brand after that Belgian Waffle Co, 99 Pancakes, Froozo, La pinoz Pizza, London Bubble Co and many more.

Q) How do you suggest brands to Investors?

A) See when it comes to investing money we believe every person who are investing in franchise has arrange money from their savings or by taking loan etc. We do Digital + Manual Inspection to check which brand will be more suitable so that an Entrepreneur can recover their ROI asap, There are several parameters which we follow before suggesting brand. Even though we helped the investor till the agreement period by checking the hidden clauses and all. If any Franchisee want help after that also we are there to solve the issue.

Q) Do you charge some kind of consultation fee from Investors/franchisee?

A) Franchise Universal works in different way, we never charge a single penny from Investor or Franchisee end as it’s a totally Free Consultancy.

Q) What is your opinion towards 2021 F&B Market?

A) We feel 2021 will show a different figure as slowly market is getting open now so it will be our year.

Q) What is your Mission & Vision?

A) In 2021 we are coming up with ATL & BTL Marketing so our target is to reach every person who are Franchise Seekers. Our Aim is not to earn money our Aim is to spread Franchise Universal name in Every Franchise Brand & Entrepreneurs

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