launches Premiere IEO of XB Token

Posted On Thu, February 20, 2020, 7:44 PM

Singapore- Top 20 CoinMarketCap exchange is launching its premiere IEO. The exchange has officially announced a strategic investment in the XueBi trading platform and is launching a first ever IEO for its platform coin XB.

Financing is the lifeblood of any project, whether via IPO, ICO, IEO or STO. The trend favoring IEOs over ICOs has marked a turning point in financing for digital assets. Compared with ICOs, IEOs ride on the credibility of the exchange, a seeming guarantee of reduced investment risks, since exchange listing after IEO is assured.

BIKi’s Strategic Investment in XueBi Platform

The BiKi Industry Fund recently invested USD 1 million on the XueBi trading platform. The two parties have entered into a strategic cooperation where their platforms will complement each other in terms of assets and traffic. is alleged to be the world’s first community federated digital asset trading platform. Its products include currency trading, OTC trading and ETF trading, including leveraged ETF. An index fund that uses financial derivatives and debt to amplify returns, with leveraged ETF, traders can sell short or long regardless of market fluctuations. With limited funds, traders can obtain higher returns without borrowing and without deposits.
Its first IEO project in 2020, BiKi will launch a subscription for XueBi (XB) under BiKi Power for XB/USDT pair on Feb 21st GMT +8. Trading will begin 7 hours later on the same day.

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