ChainUP Launches EXUP

Posted On Fri, February 14, 2020, 9:53 AM
ChainUP has launched EXUP a new financial derivatives technology platform for digital assets to empower the blockchain financial ecosystem.

<b>Singapore</b>- On February 11, ChainUP, a leading global blockchain technology service provider, officially launched EXUP, an independent brand of blockchain financial derivatives, creating a new financial derivatives technology platform for digital assets.

EXUP is committed to providing customers with secure, stable and efficient blockchain financial derivatives services. Its highly stable and reliable matching engine has been created to [em]power the financial ecosystem on blockchain, through a distributed system architecture based on microservices. The platform promises low costs and high levels of efficiency, thereby allowing customers to allocate more resources and focus on business operations. At present, the team has provided financial derivatives technology services to more than 60 enterprises in more than 10 countries and regions around the world.

The core team of EXUP has a strong and long fintech background, having independently developed the E-Trading System and the industry's exclusive industrial-grade MBD (pure memory database) solution. The new EXUP platform provides perpetual contracts, delivery contracts, ETFs, options, and technical solutions such as liquidity management of derivatives, as well as corresponding SaaS product services.

ChainUP implements a group and global operations strategy, and has multiple subsidiaries and independent brands. These include HiCoin, an enterprise focused on wallet technology solutions, BitWind, a liquidity provider that provides liquidity support to exchanges, and EXUP, a financial derivatives technology platform for digital assets.

Since the advent of the first crypto exchanges, markets for trading Bitcoin and other digital assets have remained active. The emergence of financial derivatives such as contracts and options have served to promote the development of digital currency market transactions even more, providing more directions and possibilities for the technological development of  blockchain. As such, at the end of 2018, ChainUP went ahead to launch financial derivatives technology services related to futures contracts and began to venture into the digital asset derivatives market.

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