Group Futurista presents "Future of Sustainable Finance #FOSF2021"

Posted On Thu, September 23, 2021, 3:18 PM
Leading global events company, Group Futurista has announced its "Future of Sustainable Finance" Virtual Summit on 23rd and 24th September 2021

Group Futurista, the leading global events company, has announced its “Future of Sustainable Finance” Virtual Summit on 23rd and 24th September 2021 at 15:00 BST/10:00 EST. It will be a unique platform with 150+ attendees, interesting knowledge sessions, and an intuitive panel discussion between all the amazing speakers discussing the latest trends in customer experience. It aims to help companies understand the importance of a sustainable economy and how Sustainable Finance will make a big difference in addressing climate change risk if it becomes huge and fast enough to make an impact and is embraced globally.

It’s high time to reset the relationship between finance and the real economy. It’s the job of the public and private finances to get behind the transition to a sustainable and resilient future for all. The green transition is not only an urgent existential imperative but also a significant commercial opportunity. Seizing this opportunity will steer job creation and even accelerate the return to growth. Banks – in collaboration with their clients and investors – play a pivotal role in navigating the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy.

Financing climate-friendly power plants, and facilitating social investments in the context of hospitals and schools, or even providing preferential pricing to companies that want to achieve ambitious sustainability targets is what sustainable finance is all about and it is a market that has been thriving tremendously. The Covid-19 pandemic has put even greater emphasis on sustainable development and their related investments and re-financing measures for corporates. Deutsche Bank wants to reach at least 200 billion euros in sustainable financing and investing by 2025. But for now, there is a rigid financing gap between net zero ambitions and reality.

Access is free for the event and we would like to mention our media partner Savvy Investor.

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Group Futurista is a leading Global Events Company creating its own emerging Technology Summits, where creativity fosters and innovations flourish. They believe in the power of networking and connecting with innovative thinkers and brightest minds from Industries, Academia and Government organizations at a global level. 

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