SaTT Announces Listing on Coinsbit as SATT Token Gets Onboarded CoinGecko

Posted On Thu, October 01, 2020, 10:04 AM

Singapore- Not resting on its laurels after a successful fundraising crowd sale that closed at USD 7.1 million, the smart advertising marketplace SaTT is pleased to announce its next listing, this time on Coinsbit, one of Eastern Europe’s largest exchanges. The SATT token has recently been listed on a number of established crypto exchanges - from US-compliant BW, to Korea Top Ten ranked ProBit, to EU-compliant WhiteBIT. Actively trading on all three platforms, the SATT token has been onboarded renowned crypto ranking platform CoinGecko. “Getting on board CoinGecko validates SATT as a token with market value,” says Gauthier Bros, CEO of SaTT. “We are also pleased to partner Coinsbit, one of the largest exchange operators in Eastern Europe. This is in line with our goal of growing our user base into more and more markets.”

Offering a working blockchain-based advertising solution, the SaTT smart advertising dApp stands out from the clutter of ICO projects claiming future working products. Fast, tamper-proof, secure and cost-efficient, SaTT will now work towards the adoption of its platform in the advertising industry, presently riddled with inefficiencies in its supply chain. Touting 2.2 million registered users, a 200K-strong community and 2 million monthly website visitors, Coinsbit offers a range of services which include spot trading, credit card services for deposits and withdrawals, OTC, P2P lending, staking, an IEO launchpad as well as the ‘Coinsbit Store’.

The store is a global crypto marketplace where products on giant ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and AliExpress can be bought with USDT, USDN, PLC Stablecoins and Coinsbit’s native token currency - CNB. The SATT/Coinsbit trading schedule is as follows: Deposit: 10:00 on Oct 1, 2020 (UTC+3) Trading SATT/USDT : 10:00 on Oct 2, 2020 (UTC+3) Withdrawal: 10:00 on October 05, 2020 (UTC+3)

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