Which Cake Franchise brand is better Mio Amore or Cake N Me?

Posted On Wed, April 07, 2021, 5:39 PM
Mio Amore Franchise Vs Cake N Me Franchise

Today, I am sharing some important details about Mio Amore Franchise Vs Cake N Me Franchise in Kolkata, West Bengal. Over here I am going to explain which cake brand is more beneficial in terms of profit, Support etc.

  1. Company History:  Mio Amore is one of the big brand in West Bengal as they operate 250+ Franchises. Cake N Me is a Mumbai Based Brand operating Franchises Pan India and recently entered into Kolkata Market.
  2. Franchise Overview: Mio Amore Franchise Starts from 13 to 16 Lakhs in between. Cake N Me Franchise Starts from 06 Lakhs for Kolkata.
  3. Gross Margin: Mio Amore provided a Gross Margin of 14 to 16% max where Cake N Me provides a margin of 30% on MRP.
  4. Product Damage Policy: Both the brands take 100% Damage Return which are unsold.
  5.  Exclusive Radius for Franchisee: As we can see Mio Amore open 2 stores within 1 km where sales get clash between both stores. Cake N Me Provided fix 2Km Exclusive radius to each stores so that Investors can earn good money.
  6. Product Range: Mio Amore serve wide range of products whereas Cake N Me serve all the variants which Mio amore serve additionally 20% different range of Cakes & Dessert which is not there in Kolkata market.
  7. Marketing: Both the brand handle Centralized online marketing.
  8. Other Distributors Product: Mio Amore has done the tie-up with Coke/Pepsi/Ice Cream. Cake N Me has done the tie-up with Cadbury/Coke/Pepsi/Ice Cream etc.
  9. Product Innovation: Once in a year Mio Amore introduce 1 or 2 products whereas Cake N Me introduce new products in every 3 to 4 Month to engage the customers.
  10. Offline Marketing: Mio Amore do offline marketing like hoardings, TV Ads, FM etc. whereas Cake N Me is coming up in Hoardings, TV Ads, FM Radio, Brand Ambassador in this year.
  11. Aim: Mio Amore is already expanded in West Bengal as we can see stores everywhere, But Cake N Me is expanding now and aiming to get 100+ Stores by end of March 2022.

Overall Review:

According to above comparison Both Brands hold a different identity in the market. But if you are looking for long term growth and good amount of profit then Cake N Me is far better than Mio Amore.

If you are looking for Mio Amore Franchise then visit to their website and fill the form.

If you are looking for Cake N Me Franchise then Call +91 8169524362 for further discussion.

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