Bollywood Composer ‘Manj Musik’ releases his hottest single ‘Kangna’ with the launch of a new record label ‘Muzik One Global’

Posted On Sat, October 02, 2021, 3:32 PM

New Delhi: The British-Indian singer, lead RDB vocalist and Bollywood music director, ‘Manj Musik’ popularly known for his numerous collaborations with Akshay Kumar and his foot-tapping numbers such as ‘Go Pagal’, ‘Lal Ghagra’ and ‘Swag Mera Desi’ collaborated with a Dubai based Indian businessman, Ashwin Sancheti to launch the international record label, ‘Muzik One Global’. The label was introduced with the release of its first single written and directed by Manj, starring him and Ushna Shah, a Canadian-Pakistani actor in lead roles.

Shot mostly in Dubai with parts of it shot in Lahore, the single starts with a wedding scene in Lahore and then goes into a flashback to Dubai. Two people from two different countries meet and fall in love. However, sudden turn of events leave them in a sticky situation.

Released today on Manj Musik’s official YouTube Channel the love song is a treat for Manj’s fans and lovers of the Punjabi hip-hop genre. The full video of the song can be seen on

Commenting on the song and the label, Manj Musik, singer, composer and Co-Founder of ‘Muzik One Global’ said, “It’s a commercial song made for the masses. Everyone is sure to love it, would like to sing along and dance to its beats. Transcending the barriers of language, geographies, cultural backgrounds etc., we want people to communicate through the universal language of music while enabling them to feel the unexplainable, helping musicians come together to create something different. I am happy to partner with Ashwin and looking forward to bringing a variety of genres and artists from all over the world creating original, authentic and new content for a wide range of audiences.”

Similarly, Ashwin Sancheti, Co-Founder of ‘Muzik One Global’ said, “We have launched the label with Manj’s new single ‘Kangna’ which is shot and produced in Dubai. It gives me immense pleasure to venture into this new realm of business with a friend and to be able to fulfill a long-cherished dream of launching a record label.”

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