California Walnuts launches first-ever Global Marketing Initiative

Posted On Tue, February 04, 2020, 5:19 PM
International campaign educates consumers about walnuts’ unique nutrient composition and how just 3 handfuls each week can improve overall wellness

New Delhi –The California Walnut Commission announced today the launch of the “Power of 3” global marketing initiative, the first campaign of its scale aiming to educate consumers about how eating walnuts is a simple way to boost overall nutrition, worth sharing with friends and family in the spirit of love this February. At the focal point of the campaign is omega-3 ALA, an essential fatty acid that walnuts are uniquely rich in. A handful of walnuts (28 gms), making three handfuls a week an easy way to meet the recommended intake for nuts and improve overall diet quality.

The program will run in nine countries including the USA, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Central to the campaign is a global landing page featuring content that will show how consumers share the love of walnuts around the world.

Why the Power of 3?

  1. Walnuts are the only nut significantly high in the plant-based omega-3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid, 2.5 g/28 gms), which every human body needs.
  2. At least 3 handfuls (one handful equal to 28 gms) of walnuts a week is a simple way to start improving overall nutrition.
  3. During Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, share the love with family and friends by passing along this information to at least 3 people that you care about.

Pamela Graviet, Sr. Marketing Director, International at California Walnut Board & Commission, sees the campaign as an effective way to connect directly with consumers across the globe. “We are thrilled to unveil “The Power of 3”, one of its kind global campaigns that bring alive the importance of walnuts for over wellbeing. The idea is to get consumers to not only make walnuts a part of their lives but also share its goodness with friends and family and encourage them to eat walnuts and eat them more frequently.”

She further added, “At California walnuts, our core objective for the Indian market is to be recognized as the healthy and versatile, ‘go-to’ nut for cooking, snacking, and enjoyment that fits any meal occasion. We are encouraged by Indian consumers love of walnuts and are certain that “The Power of 3” campaign will help us to spread awareness of the nutritional benefits of walnuts and how they can fit into the everyday Indian diet.”

The month-long campaign will consist of a variety of communications tools tailored to each market, centered on a global video and landing page. Other elements include digital and social media content, blog posts, sweepstakes, influencer programs, easy recipes including three ways to snack on walnuts, pop-up events, samplings, advertisements and more to generate awareness that California walnuts are a powerful addition to the diet.

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