Top colleges in India to pursue Economics at Undergraduate and postgraduate level

Posted On Sat, November 07, 2020, 4:36 PM

As one of the top economics colleges in Pune, Symbiosis School of Economics offers some of the finest facilities- both for academics and extra-curricular. The college ever since its initiation in the year 2008, has been attracting students from across the country and round the globe interested in pursuing Economics and taking up Economics as their area of interest later in their careers. SSE offers BSc Economics at the undergraduate degree level, while also offering MSc Economics for students pursuing post-graduate course at the college. With world class amenities and facilities to hone skills and personality, the college is often termed as a fertile ground for students who wish to learn Economics and hone their skills for furthering their interest and career. 

This said, let us take a look into what the college has in offer for students pursuing their degree and post-graduate degree at the college. 

Talking about the SSE BSc Economics program for undergraduate students, this is a three-year, full-time course leading to a Bachelors in Economics degree. The key highlight of this program is its ability to combine and teach economics with other disciplines including accounting, econometrics, mathematics, statistics, among others. Students are being introduced to micro and macro-economic aspects during their study involving both domestic and international economics. This said, compulsory internships, projects, research papers, dissertation papers are some of the key highlights of the program. With varied choices available in terms of career prospects and future perspective, students are encouraged to participate in the personality development programs held at the campus.

Upon the completion of BSc Economics from one of the top economics colleges in Pune such as Symbiosis School of Economics, students have an option to pursue their post-graduate program, take up jobs at banks or financial sector, or even work for an NGO.

The next level-pursuing post-graduation in Economics from Symbiosis

This is an intensive, two-year study involving various aspects of Economics with research-oriented focus on academics, while also aiming to keep a balance between academics and extra-curricular aspects of study. M.Sc Economics focuses on a strong background in Economics including economic theory, mathematics, econometrics, statistics, while also incorporating various contemporary aspects of world and domestic economic study. The focus is on developing the quantitative skills for future econometrics, with multi-disciplinary play involving statistics, sampling theory, survey design, computer science, among others. The nature and method of teaching involves an all-inclusive path to meticulously understand and apply economic theory in application and in practice.

The course content for both graduate and MSc Economics is designed keeping in mind the contemporary aspects of economics. This also helps students develop the necessary skills for their future career prospects. As one of the top Economics colleges in Pune, SSE helps students take up specializations in International trade and commerce, development studies, urban development, while also encourage them to study and work at various international bodies.

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