Celebrate Deepavali with a traditional Abhyanga Snana products

Posted On Tue, November 10, 2020, 7:27 PM

Chennai, Tamilnadu: The Oil bath , also called Abhyanga Snana in Ayurveda is a highly revered health technique from antiquity in India. In the ancient Siddha medicine system of South India it is known as “Yennai Kuliyal”. Apart from these formal medicine systems, the oil bath ritual is deeply woven into the cultural fabric of India, across all its regions. The Diwali Oil bath is an very special ceremony for health and prosperity that is widely practiced even today.

The Deepavali Oil bath is a very important ritual all over India, called as Ganga Snanam in South India or Pahili Anghol in Maharasthra. On the Naraka Chathurdashi day, Indians wake up well before sunrise and have an Abhyanga oil massage with sesame oil infused with herbs and then have their Snana with an Ubtan or Nalangu Maavu.

This Diwali oil bath is highly auspicious as on this particular day, Goddess Mahalakshmi is represented in the Oil & Mother Ganga in warm water. Therefore this special oil bath removes sins, bad luck and enhances our health and prosperity.

A proper Ayurvedic Abhyanga Snana ( oil bath) is the most incredible health habit. Krya Botanicals Research & Manufacturing  has a wide range of traditional, authentic Abhyanga Snana products. so why not start this Deepavali on the right note?

About us:

Krya Botanicals Research & Manufacturing is a young Indian startup that was started by IIT-IIM graduates to create clean, green, toxin free and purely natural hair, skin, wellness and homecare products for discerning Indian consumers. At Krya, we strongly believe in the wisdom and efficacy of traditional Indian medicinal system of Ayurveda. All of Krya products are formulated and manufactured using Ayurvedic formulary guidelines and principles and are made completely in house by the Krya team using Indian herbs, grains, lentils, cold pressed oils and natural clays. Krya consumers appreciate our wide range of products, the generous information we share on Ayurvedic wellness and the efficacy of our products.

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Preethi Sukumaran

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