Mountaineer Bhawna Dehariya becomes VP and Brand Ambassador of Jan Parishad

Posted On Sat, August 29, 2020, 11:36 AM

Female mountaineer from Madhya Pradesh Bhawna Dehariya who scaled the Mount Everest peak on May 22, 2019 has now become the Vice President and Brand Ambassador of Jan Parishad.

On the recommendation of the convener of All India level social organization Jan Parishad, Ramji Srivastava, the President of the organization and former DGP NK Tripathi and National President of Women's Wing Mrs Universe Ruby Yadav, Mountaineer Bhawna Dehariya has been selected as the Jan Parishad, Women Wing’s Provincial Vice President.

Besides, Bhawna will also be now known as Jan Parishad Women Wing’s National Assistant Secretary and Brand Ambassador of Jan Parishad.

Notably, Jan Parishad is a national level social organization, which has been involved in social and creative work for the past 31 years. Along with being active, the organization has published many historical and unprecedented reference texts. The organization has organized seven international conferences on environment. Every year, it awards those who embody the works of creative and social reform. The main objective of the organization is human, social and national outlook.

On this nomination, 28 years old mountaineer Bhawna says “I am highly overwhelmed to be part of the women wing of Jan Parishad and I will give my complete and dedicated contribution for the progress of the organization.”

Notably, sports enthusiast Bhawna's mountaineering achievements include Mount Everest, Nepal (8848 meters) on May 22, 2019; Mount Kosciuzko, Australia (2228 meters) summit on March 10, 2020; Mount Aconcagua, South America reaching height of 6500 meters on December 31, 2019; Mont Kilimanjaro, Africa (5895 meters) summit on October 27, 2019 where she celebrated Diwali; Mount Manirang, Himachal Pradesh, covering 6593 meters summit in August 2018 and Mount DKD 2nd (5670 meters) Ghadwal summit in 2017.

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