The United Kingdom has been declared one of the vanguards of modern education.

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The Higher Education System of the UK
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Around the world, Great Britain had been the most coveted destination for pursuing higher education by millions of international students. Its Prestigious universities such as the University of Oxford and Cambridge University stands as the paramount pride of the modern kingdom and a symbol of persistently evolving education since the medieval ages. Education has rated the UK, the Eight-best place to study in the world in 2020.  

Why the United Kingdom has an Unmatchable Higher Education System? 

The development of education has been witnessed in the United Kingdom since the Saxon Era and before the development of the English language. The UK has some of the oldest universities in the world which were made by the ancient kings in order to develop and enhance the Kingdom’s progress and development.

Apart from the fact that higher education has been nurturing here for centuries, the United Kingdom is home to some of the most notable inventors, scholars, and artists who have paved their way by creating various revolutions. Some of whom are mentioned below,

  • Albert Einstein
  • Isaac Newton
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Willaim Shakespear  
  • Alan Turing ( Godfather of modern computers science )
  • Charles Darwin
  • Michael Faraday

Some esteemed modern personalities curated from the higher education of Britain are Stephen Hawkins and Maurice Wilkins. The emergence of such iconic talents has fairly justified the standard of the UK higher education system.

Introduction to the Higher Education System

The Higher education system of the UK follows the secondary education system where the secondary school graduates are required to attempt an examination for attaining the eligibility of applying for a higher education institute or the university.  The higher education system is pretty much devolved with each British country having its separate form of government bodies to manage the education system. While the UK Government is responsible for managing  England's education, Scotland, Wales, and North Ireland have different bodies of their own to manage and represent their higher education. 

Structure Of UK Higher Education System

The UK Higher education system has been categorized into the following 3 programs.

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate program is the first stage towards entering the level of higher education. It is highly diverse with a variety of degree programs also known as Bachelor’s, honors. By achieving an undergraduate degree from a British university, a student becomes eligible for pursuing a postgraduate program. Most of these graduate programs are of 3 years in length.

However, there are certain exemptions in the UK depending on the country. For example, Scotland has an undergraduate program of a minimum of 4 years while England has a minimum of 3-year degree programs. The discipline of the program also matters For example, the Architecture program in the UK is of 5 years while the LLB law program is 3. There are also some special undergraduate programs known as the sandwich program in which the student has to gain practical work experience by being employed in the final year of study.  

Postgraduate Programs

Postgraduate programs are also called Master’s program in the UK. It is also diverse but not as compared to its predecessor. Master’s programs are there to enhance the student’s ability to analyze a particular field by becoming more skilled (Master) in it. Postgraduate programs last for 2 years normally in the UK unless research work is required, in such cases, the duration might get extended by the addition of one more year. 

There are certain circumstances in the postgraduate programs depending on the individual’s performance and score. For instance, a student with a CGPA higher than 3.0 might be awarded an M.Phil equivalency and can directly enroll in a Ph.D. program.

Doctorate Level Programs

This is the highest category of the British higher education system and follows the postgraduate programs category. It consists of  M.Phil and Ph.D. programs which are the highest degree level that can be awarded to an individual of a certain field or discipline. A thesis or dissertation is required to be submitted at the end of the year in order to be awarded. An M.phil doctorate program can take up to 2 years while its higher version, the Ph.D. program can be of 4 years respectively. The all the doctorate programs in the UK require critical analysis and Help With Dissertation or thesis in their final year.

The Conclusion

The higher education of the UK has been prestigious throughout the centuries and further emanates with its esteemed alumni who have become honorable figures in the pages of history. The 3 categories of education are a crucial part of the British government required by strict analysis, several examinations, and thorough dissertation work that needs to be carried out by UK students.

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