Padmashri Dr.K.S.Gopinath Appointed as m16labs Mentor, Advisor, and Subject Matter Expert

Posted On Thu, October 01, 2020, 1:12 PM

Meta16Labs Healthcare and Analytics Pvt Ltd.(m16labs) the parent company of a clinic management software and Meta hOS an advanced Healthcare Operating System is proud to announce the appointment of Padmashri Dr.K.S.Gopinath as their new Mentor/ Subject Matter Expert Adviser very well known for his pioneering work in Oncological research. Dr. K. S. Gopinath is a Surgical Oncologist Padmashree Awardee and a recipient of several prestigious awards including Dr. B. C. Roy award which is the highest Indian award in the field of Medicine.

m16labs is eager to learn from Dr.K.S.Gopinath’s vast experience in Healthcare and  poised to gain from his thought leadership in Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Hospital Administration, Clinic & Practice Management,  Healthcare Policy and Public Health.

Dr. K. S. Gopinath said “Modern healthcare environment demands continuous innovation to ensure efficient care delivery. Some of the existing cloud based softwares do not meet the demand of the operational complexity of modern day hospitals and most of the softwares are not compliant with the Medical Council of India guidelines and matters like patient Data Privacy are a great matter of concern for Doctors, Patients and Hospital Management. The key reason for this is the shortage of synergy between the technology world and the healthcare world. Hope this engagement will result in bridging the gap and bringing in softwares which are simple to use and serve the doctors / hospital administrators needs in the small and medium hospital segment.

Mr .Anil JJ the Founder and CEO of m16labs said   “The entire team at m16labs is excited about Dr. K. S. Gopinath joined us as a mentor. This has brought a new wave of energy in the company and we at m16labs  wish to learn from his vast experience and translate the learning to solve the computational problems in the healthcare environment. Ultimately my team at m16labs aims to reduce the time & energy spent on administrative activities by doctors, thereby helping them focus on treating patients rather than spending energy on management problems.

m16labs specializes in solving problems at the intersection of healthcare and technology by developing simple to use solutions to reduce the errors in administrative aspects of Clinic Practice management and Hospital management thereby enabling Doctors to focus better on treating patients.



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