Conference on Profitability through Energy Conservation & Efficiency organized CII

Posted On Fri, August 02, 2019, 7:00 PM

Jaipur: 2nd Edition of the Conference on Profitability through Energy Conservation & Efficiency was organized today by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Rajasthan along with Department of Energy, Government of Rajasthan at a city hotel. The conference focused on optimal utilization of energy resources through the use of technology, management tools and policy interventions. Dr. B. D. Kalla, Hon’ble Minister for Energy, Government of Rajasthan was the chief guest of the occasion.

Addressing the house, Chief Guest, Dr. B.D. Kalla, Hon’ble Minister for Energy and PHED, Government of Rajasthan said, “Today, in the industry world components such as labor, cost and energy have become necessary and are playing a vital role, but it has also become utmost important to use them efficiently and wisely. Therefore, it is necessary to work on energy sources. He also mentioned that along with taking measures to save the environment, industries should do more of research oriented work for energy efficiency.” According to him, solar energy can be said to be a good energy because it provides enough electricity without damaging the environment. Talking about MSMEs he shared that state government is doing all possible measures to help these entrepreneurs like finishing the licensing system and providing adequate electricity for smooth running of their business etc. He also shared that in the state, the difference in power transmission and distribution is being eliminated and that in coming 2 years, Rajasthan will not only be surplus and self-dependent in the field of electricity, but we will also be able to supply power to other adjoining states too.

Sharing his views on energy efficiency, Dr. Subodh Agarwal, Addl. Chief Secretary, Industries, Government of Rajasthan said, “We are not suffering from lack of availability of energy because the amount of energy reaching the earth from the sun is equal to the total requirement of annual usage of humanity therefore availability of energy is not an issue. According to him, the cost of converting solar power into electricity will come down to zero or near to zero and there is a need to be efficient and careful towards the use of electricity.” He also shared about introducing a new industry policy in near future wherein they have analyzed the other states, collected their best incentives in 2014-15 formats and made an industrial policy that will be best and suitable for everyone.

Mr. Naresh Pal Gangwar, Principal Secretary, Energy, Government of Rajasthan said that industries should improve their energy intelligence in such a way that it results in profitability, saving energy for the future simultaneously. He said that industries should design their equipments in such a way that without any reduction in its production capacity and with utilization of low power consumption they will be able to use the energy efficiently.

Talking about cut-down in electricity rates, Mr. Kunji Lal Meena, Chairman and Managing Director, RVPN said that the industry and electricity go hand in hand. Industry cannot work without electricity, similarly electricity companies have industries as their direct revenue sources and that Rajasthan will never face an issue of deficiency in availability of electricity. He also shared that through ease-of-doing business, major connections issues of the industry have been solved and that the reduction in the rates of electricity is possible only after the gap between demand and supply is covered.

While welcoming the delegates, Mr. Anand Mishra, Chairman, CII Rajasthan said, “In this new era, there is a strong need for optimal utilization of energy resources through the use of technology, management tools and policy interventions and minimized costs of production.” He also said that energy efficiency has been identified as one of the major contributors in bringing down costs and that knowledge of designing energy efficient system not only helps in reducing overall energy cost of operation but also leads to reduced maintenance costs.

Addressing the house, Mr. A.K. Gupta, Managing Director, JVVNL said that JVVNL have been successful in supplying adequate power to the industries in Rajasthan and that 90 percent of the supply is being supplied against the demand which creates a favorable business atmosphere for the industries of the state. He also asked the participating entrepreneurs for their suggestions about the problems coming in energy supply so that the industry can work efficiently towards problem grievances’.

Mr. Rohit Saboo, President and CEO, National Engineering Industries Ltd in his remark said that the industry in the past has seen various revolutionary changes and today to use energy efficiently, we will have to ensure the designing of the equipments accordingly. At the same time, the government will have to bring uniformity in its energy policy and measures to conserve clean and green energy so that we can save energy and save the environment.

While addressing the session on the availability and cost of good quality power as the first steps in improving competitiveness for Rajasthan’s MSMEs, Mr. Suresh P. Manglani, Chief Executive Officer, Adani Gas Ltd. through his presentation informed about the contribution made by Adani Gas for the development of Rajasthan. He said that 400 districts in the country have been covered under the purview of CNG. With the view of market cap, it is the second largest company in the country. He also shared that after Gujarat, the company has expanded its operations in Rajasthan, under which a plant has been set up in Udaipur from where Chittorgarh, Bhilwara and surrounding areas are being covered. In Rajasthan, the company has five field stations which are in the phase of expansion.

Mr. Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance at Customized Energy talked about being self-reliant in the field of energy storage and solar energy while reducing the use of diesel through consumption of quality and reliable sources of energy which will reduce our dependence on diesel resulting in increase in production capacity. He also explained about Smart Energy Management for Smart Manufacturing.

On this occasion, a MOU was also signed between EESL (Energy Efficient Services Limited) and JVVNL (Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd.) in which 50,000 units of energy efficient split air-conditioners will be available online at EESL Mart for the consumers of Jaipur.

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