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Posted On Sat, November 16, 2019, 7:00 PM
4th HR Summit by FICCI discussed about ‘Re-imagining the role of HR’ in the age of digitization

Jaipur: To create a future ready HR function, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCIon Friday organized the 4th HR Summit at Holiday Inn, Jaipur. With the theme “Re-Imagining the role of HR”, the prime focus of the conference was to discuss the evolving role of Human Resources in the era of digitization along with a deliberation on the present and future trends in the field of HR industry.

In his keynote address, Mr. Ashutosh AT Pednekar, Managing Director, RIICO Ltd. Government of Rajasthan said HR has come from a very long way. Initially in corporate India, it was just considered as a support function and much long ago there was a realization in corporate India, HR could be a differentiate factor and it has proved its mettle during both good times and tough marketing conditions. Quoting HR practices and improvisation of attitude in RIICO, he stated that RIICO has tied up with IIM Udaipur and MNIT so that our human resource is also updated as per the future requirements. We also said that RIICO focuses on how every employee is important and adds value to the organization.

Addressing the house during the inaugural session, Dr Samit Sharma, Commissioner, Labour, Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship and MD, RSLDC, GoR said, “RSLDC looks after skills. The department trains one lakh people every year for short term courses with the duration of 90-100 days. We urge industry to share their requirements; we shall provide you right kind of HR, properly skilled and with proper attitude. The same way, in ITI, presently approx 2 lakh 15 thousand students are there and we also want to invite you to visit and witness the training and see and share your feedback for best quality HR requirements.” He also briefed the audience on various highlights if apprentice training scheme. He also stated that HR is not confined to skill only but attitude is also prominent quality to look for and that employees also must sense the pride of performance on whichever duty they have been assigned.

Addressing the inaugural session, Mr. Ajay Data, Chairman, FICCI Rajasthan Sub-Committee on HR, Education & Entrepreneurship and Founder & CEO, Data Ingenious Global Ltd. said, “We often witness strange kind of situation related to HR as on one side people complain that there are no enough jobs and on the other side people are not finding right  people to hire. Industries are not getting enough numbers of rightly skilled people to hire because our system emphasizes on obtaining good marks rather than focusing on making good resources. We need to focus on training manpower according to prevalent technologies and requirements and need to train them as per the future requirements of 10 years down the line.

During his theme address, Dr. Aquil Busrai, CEO, Aquil Busrai Consulting explained how in 1960 HR Department used to work and what kind of changes introduced systematically in later decades and also briefed about how HR undergoes cycling change. According to him change was always there but now we are witnessing that speed of change is very accelerated and cost of change has gone down and we are seeing unprecedented and sudden changes. He further said that when change is introduced, resistance is usual because change brings un-certainty. For example, when computer was introduced in 70s, there was a panic and same kind of doubts is being shared related to artificial intelligence.  

Eminent speakers like Dr. GK Prabhu, President, Manipal Univeristy; Mr. Nanjappa BS, Vice President, HR & Group Head, Employee Relations, Infosys Ltd.; Ms. Jyoti Singh, Head, HR & Planning, Honda Cars India Ltd.; Mr. Ranjan Mishra, Sr. VP, Human Resources, Vodafone Idea Ltd. and Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Head, Strategic HR Projects, Learning and Development, Hindustan Zinc Ltd. spoke in length about ‘Integrating Digital and Human Labour-Scenario in Universities’‘Employee Experience’‘Reimagining the Human Experience with Technology’‘Industry 4.0 and Future of Work’ and ‘Best Learning Initiatives for Internal & External Stakeholders’ respectively during the session “HR Role in Digital Era”.

During the session “HR Trends- The Present and the Future”Wing Cdr. Soban Bisht, Global Head, HR and Administratuon, Pinnacle Infotech; Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Head – HR, Kajaria Ceramics Ltd and Mr. Arjya Kumar Mishra, AVP and Corporate HR, Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd. talked about Emotional Intelligence in Artificial WorldElevating the Role of HR in MSMEs etc.

Mr. Randhir Vikram Singh, Co-Chairman, FICCI Rajasthan State Council & Joint MD, Mandawa Hotels welcomed all the guests at the summit.

In the end, Mr. Ajay Singha, Advisor, FICCI Rajasthan State Council presented a vote of thanks and shared that approx 150 participants from various areas had participated in the 4th HR Summit orgnainzed by FICCI.

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