Over 57% buyers state inability of identifying genuine products as a reason for not buying organic products

Posted On Wed, June 16, 2021, 12:53 PM
Pan India Consumer awareness survey by Aditi Organic Certifications

Bangalore: Aditi Organic Certifications- India’s leading third party certification body released the findings of “The Organic Quotient”. This research was carried out across 550 consumers across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad to gauge the awareness levels on organic products. Some of the key findings include:

• 70% buyers are not aware to look for certified organic logo (Certification mark) while purchasing organic products

• Over 57% buyers state inability of identifying genuine products as a reason for not buying organic products

• Only 42% look for certified organic logo while purchasing organic products

• Over 60% consumers buy organic products frequently (daily or weekly)

• Over 92% consumers are aware of organic products only in the category of fruits vegetable or pulses

• 33% consumers think natural and organic are one and the same while 13% have no idea about the difference

• 54% consumers are not aware of the difference between organic & certified organic products

• 60% consumers say they opt for certified organic products as it assures better quality, credibility and traceability

• Over 50% consumers to purchase organic products from branded retail stores followed by 38% who would purchase from trusted organic stores

“Individuals are more conscious than ever before about what they consume. In a world loaded up with insane food sources, the motivations to purchase certified organic products keep accumulating! Picking from affirmed organic food sources gives a substantial positive impact towards the climate, neighborhood, economies, and general wellbeing at large. Organic & chemical contamination free food upholds you, your wellbeing, the soundness of your family, and the planet. However, purchasing only certified organic products must be looked into seriously is the need of the hour as it assures long term commitment to the principles of organic farming by the growers and the products handlers assures the consumer of quality, traceability of the products being consumed”- Mr. Narayana Upadhyaya, MD- Aditi Organic Certifications Pvt. Ltd.


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