Satvik Daan- Ek Behtar kal Ke Liye - Introducing an App That Connects Users and NGOs with Ease in India

Posted On Tue, September 14, 2021, 10:00 AM

Gurugram– The online platform for connecting users with NGOs, asks you to visit the website and app on the launch date, Monday, September 11, 2021, at

Our app will benefit many top NGOs in India present all around our country. The app can easily be operated by any individual by searching for an NGO near me on our app. A user and NGO just need to register themselves, and the rest of the further process will be handled by us. Furthermore, we will verify the authenticity of the NGOs from our end for the users. The best part of the app: the app is totally free and anybody can register themselves without any registration fee and the app will search for the best NGO in India for the users.

Through this app, we want to help the needy who are not able to receive the required help that they should get from society. Moreover, it's the only app in India that connects users with NGOs.

Akash Singh, Founder of Satvik Daan, says, “the launch of our app can change the world and will help the small-scaled NGOs get donations from the users who are willing to provide support towards the growth of our nation”. To which our other founder, Ekta Singh Sikarwar adds, “we know how difficult it is for common people to reach a place where they can donate funds or stuff, and through Satvik Daan, we would like to clear the gap between the user and the NGO”.

“Now, we are focused on building our audience pan India, but soon we will be taking our platform on a global scale,'' said Akash Singh.  

About Satvik Daan 

Founded in 2021, based in Gurugram, India. Satvik Daan is a leading app that connects users with NGOs effortlessly without any registration fee. NGOs working for the well-being of education, old age people, ill people, NGO for women, NGO for children, NGO for education, illiterate women, stray animals, etc, can register themselves for free. We are just a connector for the NGOs and users and users can simply search for ngo near you and get the work done. 

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Rahul Sharma

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