MORBiZ Releases New Blog on Timely Content for Changing Seasons

Posted On Sat, October 17, 2020, 8:09 AM
MORBiZ has released a new blog that highlights the benefits of creating and distributing content that is fresh for new seasons. As the colors of the leaves change, so to should small business content.

MORBiZ, a small business Internet marketing house, has released a new blog that focuses on the benefits of creating and distributing timely content. This new blog offers great ideas for ensuring your autumn content needs are met. Throughout the content marketing blog several tips and tricks are offered to ensure a small business never misses a beat with their social media posts, article distribution, email newsletters or other content.

There are four primary areas addressed by MORBiZ in their blog. The first is content planning via an editorial calendar. A calendar will ensure a business is not over posting while promoting cross posting where applicable. A calendar will also help a business get the most mileage out of any content that created.

The next topic covered by the blog has to do with creative thinking. It's important for business owners to market and advertise products in manners that make shoppers think about them in terms of the time of the year. One example the blog offers is a tire shop recommending new winter shoes for the family car as a great holiday gift! Seasonal content is a great time for business owners and marketers to show off their creativity.

Along the same lines, the blog also helps business owners think about which products should be featured throughout the year. Trying to sell an air conditioner in the middle of winter isn't exactly an easy thing to do, so perhaps an HVAC company would be better suited to offer content on furnace repair and maintenance during this time.

MORBiZ uses the latest technology, proven techniques, quality content and in depth research to offer high value, hyper-local web presence, Internet & mobile marketing, custom mobile apps, automated reputation management solutions and free guest WiFi marketing programs.

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