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Gone are those days when the sole breadwinners were the males of the family. Society still doesn't view it as a woman's role to earn money, or her right to make financial decisions. Women of today are no less, giving equal competition to men in every sector. It is no doubt that women excel at almost everything, especially multitasking. While juggling between work and personal life, women tend to forget to take care of themselves. Especially in the case of single parents, widows, divorcees, they have much more responsibility of taking a charge and running their houses. Of late, women have started focusing on being self-dependent and financially secure.

Irrespective of being a man or a woman, one should always prepare for uncertainties in life. From fighting stereotypes to taking care of their loved ones, women are rather superheroes. Financial freedom is a form of personal empowerment, but a variety of roadblocks make it difficult for women to navigate and partake equally in the financial world.

Its high time that women should take the charge and be financially independent. Even if you are not interested in managing finance, take small steps to understand various financial instruments that can help grow the money. Also, don’t abruptly close your individual account after your marriage. This Women’s day the best you can do is gift yourself a life insurance policy. Thus, this day, let us all take a pledge to fight gender inequality for a sustainable tomorrow.

Vinit Kapahi, Head of Marketing, AVIVA India suggests reasons why women should invest in life insurance

Sense of security

People tend to plan their finances for their marriage, education, housing, etc. However, planning for such significant milestones one tends to miss out on preparing for the only certain thing in life. In case of any uncertainty, your family would receive a tax-free cash settlement that could be used for the requirement with life insurance. Money from insurance can meet everyday expenses, relieve financial stress, and fund the goals you have worked so hard to achieve together. In addition to that, a life insurance payout can also assist in paying off any other debts that your family may have.

Preparing for the worst

The last two years were no less than a rollercoaster for every one of us. We all witnessed how fragile life is. This has rather emphasized the need for insurance. Life insurance is the perfect solution to protect your loved ones from such unprecedented times and help them to meet the ends even when you are not around.

Educating the masses

As rightly said, “if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” If one woman gets a life insurance policy, with word of mouth, she will tell her female friends and relatives. Thus, it will have a multiplier effect and more people will know about it, hence inculcating financial literacy.

Breaking Stereotypes

Life insurance is often considered an asset for men only. In 2022, it is high time to break this stereotype. Insurance companies are offering women's insurance at much lower prices than men's insurance to attract more female consumers. This pattern is predicted to continue until more women enter the world of life insurance.

There is no better way to express love and care than an effort to secure your family's future finances through a selfless gesture. Even when you are not physically present with your family, make sure you are financially present by planning a life insurance policy that suits their needs. Your present is easy when you know your family will be taken care of in the future. This is the need of the hour for women to take a charge because as they say, “The hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world.”

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