Smart Advertising Token SaTT Gets Wrapped (WSATT) and On Boarded to Uniswap

Posted On Fri, October 23, 2020, 10:36 AM

Singapore-- Following their successful ICO, smart advertising marketplace project SaTT did not immediately list their token onto Uniswap as previously announced. Instead, a delay was communicated to their users to wait for a wrapped SaTT.

The SATT token has recently been listed on a number of established centralized crypto exchanges (CEX). Actively trading on EU-compliant WhiteBIT, Korea Top Ten ranked ProBit, US-compliant BW, and one of Eastern Europe’s largest exchanges, Coinsbit, the SATT token is available now for trading on the biggest DEX (decentralized exchange) on Ethereum, Uniswap.

In September alone, Uniswap processed USD 15.3 billion in monthly volume, surpassing that of Coinbase, a clear indication that since DeFi (decentralized finance) has become all the rage now, DEX fever is following suit.

WSATT token Optimized for Uniswap

Amid complaints from community users about the Uniswap listing delay, the SaTT team stood firmly by their decision to wrap their SaTT token first before onboarding it to Uniswap.

“The SaTT token smart contract is designed to cater to advertisers,” explains Gauthier Bros, CEO of SaTT. “This means it automatically comes with a high gwei fee to process transactions fast. ETH transactions have to be processed consecutively so this was done to prevent bottlenecks from forming and holding up the users’ transactions.”

A wrapped token is an ERC-20 compatible token, valued exactly the same as the token it represents, that is more easily mobilized by decentralized applications (dApps). For trading on Uniswap, the SaTT team specially created the Wrapped SaTT (WSATT) which is optimized for Uniswap.

WSATT Staking Earns You Attractive Rewards!

One of the benefits of trading on Uniswap is that liquidity providers get a reward of 0.3% on all trades conducted on Uniswap, in proportion to their total pool contribution. On top of this, WSATT holders get an added bonus.

To reward WSATT holders who supply liquidity for the WSATT/ETH pool, SaTT is offering an exclusive 10-day staking reward. This is equal to 2% of the total pool contribution for a few cycles. The rewards accrue in real-time and can be liquidated upon closing the pool.

At the end of each cycle of the Staking Reward Program, rewards earned will be delivered in SATT automatically into the holder’s Ethereum wallets, an attractive and efficient way of passively earning SATT.

Staking Reward Details
10 days : 2% – Only for the first 50 participants
30 days : 3%
90 days : 10%
180 days : 22%

This is welcome news for the SaTT community of DEX users who can begin their much anticipated trading on Uniswap and also earn passive yields from WSATT. 

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