Traditional Marasim ice cream launch in UAE

Posted On Sun, February 20, 2022, 8:57 PM
Yildiz Holding known as a Turkish conglomerate mainly for food manufacturing, owning over 320 brands available in more than 130 countries, has planned to expand distribution of Golf Ice Cream into the UAE market partnering with Golden Star International LLC as exclusive distributor for the region.

Golf Dondurma started production in 2003 with a 10-million-liter capacity at the Bursa plant. Today it is a giant producer, with plants in Bursa and Kahramanmaraş and a near 200-million-liter production capacity. The company produces ice creams containing real yogurt, real fruit sorbet, Maraş ice cream with plenty of milk, and all Belgian chocolate varieties. 

“Maraşım” products are originated from the Maraş Mountains and completely fresh goat milk containing unique ingredients and dense texture made of milk, sugar, and powder from the tubers of wild orchids coming from a recipe dating back hundreds of years ago.

Golden Star International LLC with 22 years of rich experience in food distribution and brand strategy offering over 3000 items to UAE customers, also having global trading channels in African, American, Asian, and MENA regions would help strategies and streamline the brand distribution in the region – An ideal choice.

Looking at scoping into a classic Marasim in the comfort of my home soon!

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Nadiya Albishchenko

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