DICV Steps-up Relief Initiatives for Dealers

Posted On Mon, June 14, 2021, 5:00 PM
New financial and medical benefits package supports dealer partners and dealership workforce.
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India–Daimler India Commercial Vehicles(DICV) today announced a slew of extra initiatives to help dealer partners and staff during the ongoing pandemic.The support package focuses on financial and medical benefits (vaccination, insurance, incentives) for the dealership workforce, as well as assistance measures for dealerships’ business sustainability. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, DICV has proactively offered various relief and support measures to safeguard its employees, dealers, partners, and the entire Bharat Benz community.

The new support package increases the assistance offered to dealerships to include 2Lakh COVID Group insurance, 20 Days creditforin-stock vehicles, fast-tracking of pending claims, and complete salary support. DICV is also extending aid to frontline employees with INR 1 Lakh COVID medical insurance, free vaccinations, and gift coupons for technicians.

Mr.Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles,said,”DICV is committed to looking after the Bharat Benz community; We take care of our customers, partners and employees with practical, effective support. This package has been specifically created for our dealer partners to address the two most critical needs of the hour-financial and medical assistance.”

DICV is providing vaccination support to all employees India-wide and has even opened a vaccination centre at its plantin Oragadam which services not onlyemployees, but also members of the local community. DICV offers free vaccination to truck drivers of all brands visiting the facility.

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