The Most Awaited Garmin's Portable Best Golf Launch Monitor R10 is on Sale Now

Posted On Fri, August 06, 2021, 12:40 PM
Garmin's Portable Best Golf Launch Monitor R10

Whatever it is stopping you from practicing your favorites game, Golf, whether it's your busy lifestyle or the harsh weather, you are never going to stop playing the game from now on. The reason: Garmin has made available its new Golf Launch Monitor, "Garmin Approach R10", which is also a complete course simulation device at the size that fits in your pant pocket.

With an all-new design and improved tracking methodology, this Garmin Approach R10 is capable of eclipsing all the current professional-grade launch monitors, including the toppers like Trackman, Foresight, and Flightscope, at a fraction of cost $599 bucks.

Though this Approach R10 is not new in the series of launch monitors from Garmin, as they already have Approach G80 and G30, this one differs significantly in design and ball tracking metrics.

The G80 and G30 were integrated club and ball tracking devices, but they acted more like GPS. But this R10 is not a GPS but a high-precision radar device to track a shot from behind the player.

This dedicated device can collect more than a dozen golf shot metrics such as clubhead speed, clubface angle, club path angle, angle of attack, ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, spin axis, spin rate, apex height, smash factor, carry distance, total distance, and deviation distance.

As aforementioned, the accuracy of this tiny device can outmatch the top brands of professional launch monitors. Here are the accuracy metrics of Garmin Approach R10:

Club Head Accuracy- +/- 3 mph

Ball speed Accuracy- +/- 1 mph

Launch Direction Accuracy- +/- 1 degree

Launch Angle Accuracy- +/- 1 degree

Carry Distance Accuracy- +/- 5 yards.

Hold on; there's more! Like its predecessors, Approach R10 records each shot's video and plays it on your Garmin GolfApp installed smartphone with shot metrics overlay on the top. Nevertheless, you will not miss the fun of playing on 42,000 virtual courses that come along with the App.

With a battery life that extends upto 10 hours, it can withstand even your painstaking practice sessions. So whether you are on the course or a driving range or at your back yard or the simulation set up at your basement, the device never bothers of the location; it does what it has to do to get you the accurate results of your shot.

Garmin Approach R10 is the smallest device, smaller than Flightscope Mevo and Mevo +, comes with a tripod for better placement. Moreover, a smartphone mount comes with the device to help you mount your mobile phone, pairing it with the R10. And the whole set doesn't weigh more than 8 oz. Nevertheless, the device is IPX7 waterproof rated, which means you can submerge this R10 in 1 meter deep in water for 30 minutes, and when you take it back, it'll still work fine.

Garmin Approach R10 is available in the market from the July of 2021. But you can also find it in the famous Indoor Golf equipment sellers of America and, where you can get the product delivered to your doorstep with care and warranty.

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