Scandinavia is known for its sustainability

Posted On Thu, November 28, 2019, 12:20 PM

Scandinavia is known for its breath-taking natural surroundings, fascinating culture and history, minimalistic design, revolutionary gastronomy and yet sustainable.

With four distinct seasons, Scandinavia has plenty to offer all year long. Summer is glorious, with a burst of golden sunlight that envelops the land in a warm glow. For the Indian traveller, it is convenient to visit the three countries—Sweden, Norway, and Denmark together. They have a lot in common, but they are yet uniquely different.  Autumn offers an explosion of colours while spring brings nature alive after a long winter. In winter, Scandinavia is a place of dramatic landscapes, with swirling cold winds and magical colours in the sky. Regardless of what part of Scandinavia you arrive easy connectivity across road, rail, ferry or flights makes it convenient for the travellers to explore at will.

The Indian arrivals have grown significantly and so have the overnights. The Indian Traveller today is not just aware of the capitals but going much beyond. The consumption pattern of Indian travellers has also changed significantly. The Millennials and Generation Z often seek the same experience as rest of the world.

The Scandinavian Seminar continues to engage and inspire the travel trade over a decade. From five Scandinavian partners in 2009 today we are over 35 Scandinavian partners including Tourism Boards, Museums, Hotels, Ferry companies and Airlines.

Mohit Batra, responsible for Scandinavian Tourism Board in India, highlighted the importance of continuous and sustainable tourism growth from India to Norway, Denmark and Sweden.  “Our endeavour is to showcase authentic Scandinavian experiences to discerning and open Indian traveller. From chasing Northern Lights on a husky safari above the Artic to going foraging in the wilderness, or taking a swim in canals or a being in a natural spa. Scandinavian region; Denmark, Sweden and Norway are ideal to holiday with family & friends or just a solo vacation. The best part is that you may choose to travel in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Yes, you got it right Scandinavia is an all year-round destination”.

He further added, “We intend to reach out to over 200 Travel partners across the three cities. The business event aims to enhance destination knowledge of Indian travel professionals, introduce new regional travel products besides providing an opportunity to learn and experience each other’s culture and business needs”

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