Learn Digital Marketing Agra Announce First Batch on 3rd May

Posted On Mon, March 29, 2021, 1:27 AM
Learn Digital Marketing Agra is a digital marketing institute in which we provide digital marketing’s high demand skills to students at affordable fees.
Affordable Digital Marketing Course in Agra

Learn Digital Marketing Agra is a digital marketing institute in which we provide digital marketing’s high demand skills to students to make a career in it. If we see around us everyone struggling for the job but not everyone has that skills and knowledge to get the best job which pays a good and secure future in this technology era.

We designed our course in which we provide personal classes among 5 students in a batch and provide all that information to you which help you in future to grow fast and solved problems. We share you the work culture of industries also which helps you to make comfortable in the industry. We make a strong digital marketing profile and help students to get job in best company where you can grow.

When it comes to our course structure, we prioritize providing realistic information over theoretical knowledge. Our classes will be held 5 days a week, with one day dedicated to theoretical instruction and the other days dedicated to practical instruction. We split our course into two parts: SEO course and Digital Marketing course.

Students who want to get a job quickly can enroll in the SEO course, and those who have more time and want to develop their own company can enroll in the digital marketing course. We teach SEO, Google Ads, SMO, Social Media Paid Campaigns, and tool management in our digital marketing courses.

Digital Marketing skill will be provided by digital marketing expert. He has over 3 years of digital marketing experience in industry and worked over 20+ projects and successfully achieved client goals with advanced and proven techniques. With the help of strategy, right execution and knowing every step of activity which you are doing that leads to achieve goal and in digital marketing profession you have to be updated with updates and mentor will share all that resources which helps you to keep update and explain reason behind every activity which you are doing.

Most of digital marketing institute provide digital marketing skills but they running institute in rented place so their fee is so high, normal students want to learn but can’t afford their fee. Our digital marketing fee is so affordable because we provide skill to 5 students in a batch that’s why we teach at our home. Our SEO Course and Digital Marketing courses fees are 5,999 and 9,999 respectively. In which we give domain and hosting to make website and provide some budget to run ads. After submit course fee student don’t need to spend a penny for learning.

About Learn Digital Marketing Agra

Learn Digital Marketing Agra organized to share digital marketing industry experience in the form of a course where students will learn all digital marketing skills and know-how to work in the industry. We aim to provide complete digital marketing knowledge to students so they build a career in digital marketing with the best and don’t do struggle which usually newcomers do in this field. We support our students at every step in his career.

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