If you are a Bollywood fan, here is how the all-new K-Drama Soundtrack #1 on Disney+ Hotstar will satiate your love for romance

Posted On Fri, May 06, 2022, 5:00 PM
All episodes of Soundtrack #1 are available on Disney+ Hotstar along with Hindi dubs

In the spirit of summer and new beginnings, the long-awaited romance drama Soundtrack #1 has finally dropped on Disney+ Hotstar. Starring popular Korean actor Han Sohee and K-pop star Park Hyungsik, the new four-part series revolves around a pair of best friends, songwriter Lee Eun Soo and photographer Han Sun Woo, whose feelings for one another begin to unravel as they come to live under the same roof. Just like Bollywood, this heartwarming tale, helmed by celebrated director Kim Heewon (Vincenzo), is a perfect blend of music, love, and friendship. Let’s take a look at how this impressive K-drama series brings some classic flavours of romance to all the Bollywood buffs:

The Iconic tale of friendship-turned-love

Rings a bell? Just like our very own Rahul and Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Eun Soo and Han Sun Woo’s relationship is the epitome of friendship. But, can a boy and a girl just be friends? Draw similarities in the complexities of this relationship of friends turned lovers and you got yourself a classic Bollywood tale!

Scenes backed by flawless music

Bollywood and music have always gone hand-in-hand. And, we have music for all moods possible!  Soundtrack #1 too, as the name suggests, has music accompanying every single scene. The interaction between the characters is accompanied by soft, sombre and melancholic music and it is just as mellifluous as the iconic hits in your favourite Bollywood love stories.

Can roommates become lovers?

Soundtrack #1 is a new-age tale of friendship. The rapport between Lee Eun Soo and Han Sun Woo will take you back to that cute little apartment from Wake Up Sid where Sid and Aisha lived together, whilst aspiring to be a photographer and writer. They grew, loved, laughed and also fought ultimately realising that they’ve fallen in love and how!

Admit it or not, it’s love

There’s something special about a lover who’s first a friend. Well, unless they don’t admit the love part like Jay and Aditi in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and invite a plethora of complications to their lives. Our hearts were full when Meow and Rats finally addressed the facts and similar is the case with Soundtrack #1, only that we don’t know the twist yet.

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