Hotel Royal Orchid, Jaipur rings the festive season with traditional cake mixing ceremony

Posted On Thu, November 25, 2021, 10:59 AM
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Ahead of the festive season and with winters slowly engulfing the pink-city, the hotel industry is all prepped up with cheerful vibes to welcome its guests. City hotel Royal Orchid Jaipur also began the festive celebrations with the traditional cake mixing ceremony in the hotel premises. The ceremony joyfully brought the vibrant culture and rich traditions alive along with unveiling the spirit of the festive season.

The pre-event celebration of Christmas was attended by hotel guests, staff and seniors who rolled up their sleeves to mix all the fruits, nuts & dry-fruits with honey and other essence. The intoxicating aroma of the traditional cake mixing ceremony filled the air with happy memories. The delicious assortment of dry fruits such as raisins, red cherry, cashews, almonds, figs, apricots, black currant, pistachio and many more was mixed with a variety of spices, tasteful selection of fruity juices and 'spirit of season' that goes in the making of lip-smacking and mouth-watering Christmas cake. The mixing ceremony was organized with full vim and vigor at the hotel lawn in the presence of General Manager Mr. Ajit Kumar and other senior officials. Everyone from guests and Hotel staff got together for kneading and mixing ceremony with their Chef's cap on. Keeping the ongoing pandemic in mind, all the covid protocols were followed by guests.

Talking about the festive celebration, Mr. Ajit Kumar, General Manager, Hotel Royal Orchid Jaipur said, "Christmas brings the jingles and brings the giggles on the faces. So are we here at Royal Orchid to set the button on for the Christmas celebrations and that begins with the most sought after fruit mixing ceremony. The fruits get drenched and so does our affection & bonding for our guests. We don’t want to miss the occasion and with all excitement we engaged our guests and the team for this super celebration. The ritual is celebrated with a high level of “spirits” and not to miss the fun part. We ensure an element of excitement for everybody to be drenched and savor the flavors of Christmas pudding. Enjoy the exhilaration of drenching & mixing and of course the result will be the amazing pudding just for you."

Over the years, cake mixing has become something of a ritual and is an occasion one looks forward to. The event was further followed by hi-tea where the culinary masters prepared a delicious spread for the guests to celebrate the festivities. After the traditional cake mixing ceremony, the mixture will be put in the freezer and left to mature until around Christmas, when it will be blended with the cake batter and baked.

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